Destiny Player Solos Crota Raid in 16 Minutes

Bungie’s Destiny is notorious for its ridiculous player-driven challenges, such as soloing Raids or taking a Sparrow where no Sparrow should be allowed to go. With this in mind, a player undertook Destiny‘s latest Raid, Crota’s End, solo. While this is nothing new, the player managed to do it in an astonishing 16 minutes and 7 seconds.

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bananaboats3329d ago

Bungie has got to be feeling like crap. to make a raid that they claim to be incredibly hard and somebody solo's it that fast.

They might want to call Blizzard and ask how to make a proper raid

Mega243329d ago

Sorry, but blizzard's latest raids have sucked so bad, good ol' WotLK days, they never coming back.

bananaboats3329d ago

but how many of those raids can be solo'd? How many of them can be done in less than an hour?

I stopped playing WoW after cata. and I dont remember any of the raids being glitchy or hearing of people soloing them.

Point is Bungie lacks the knowledge of a proper raid. With that said I still enjoy since day one, I just wish I had more things to do after wednesday.

InTheZoneAC3329d ago

this is normal mode...anyone a level 32 can walk through it

bananaboats3329d ago

yea, I know this raid is easy but I dont think Bungie made this raid for a 32 to solo and in less than 20 minutes.

also It still takes some skill to solo this raid, lvl 32 or not no any person can jump into Crota's end and solo it entirely.

Spotie3329d ago

So because somebody with high level armor and weapons used every available cheat and glitch they could to beat something they couldn't come close to beating otherwise, Bungie should feel like crap?

Battlefieldlover3328d ago

I didn't see any cheats or glitches used. I don't think Bungie should feel like crap but give props where props are due. Kudos to this guardian. Fun watch. Now i want to see him do it on HM.

KyRo3328d ago

They were originally hard(ish) even with a full team when they first came out but then people find the 'perfect' way on how to beat these raids. The way we Crotas End now is completely different to how we attempted to beat it when the first expansion dropped.

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Viryu3329d ago

And here I am, haven't even beaten Vault of Glass once.

Yardragon3329d ago

this is soooo a non team game.

Allsystemgamer3329d ago

Can't beat vault of glass without a team.

Tankbusta403329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Bungie press release:

"Durr we maintain this is the hardest game ever and it needs constant communication and we refuse match making because of it. Because of this we will now ban anyone who solos this raid... Cuz that's not how we want you to play our game"

SaffronCurse3329d ago

matchmaking would be a horrible idea.

Tankbusta403329d ago

Yeah of course it would... Who wants features that occur in modern gaming... We're bungie we do what we want regardless of what our fans want... Cuz cuz we made halo 2

kayoss3329d ago

An option to do match making would be good. None of my friends are on when I'm on due to other obligation, so when I do raid, it's hard to find a team. I tried soloing crotas raid once, never got pass the first check point.

GameSpawn3329d ago

Matchmaking would be a horrible idea without mics. Communication is a must for the Raids, even if everyone already knows what to do ahead of time, you still need to coordinate into 2-3man teams and 3-2man teams at varying points - this is hard to do without audio cues.

I think Bungie can enable matchmaking on Raids as long as it is limited to mic users ONLY. The game already detects if you have a mic or not, so put that to use. Have a notice on the Raid in the director that would say "Matchmaking Disabled (Connect a Mic)" if no mic was connected.

Battlefieldlover3328d ago

Totally agree. I've used LFG alot and from time to time you get fireteams that are so bad it is mind numbing. Everyone has "Their" way of doing sections and if everyone isn't on the same page everyone fails. I'd say its actually easier to solo it. I solo the first Checkpoint on my hunter on hm every week before i use my clan and LFG. I can solo up to Crota on nm with all 3 of my toons but never could think of how to do Crota. No that i know two Ghorn shots take him down i just might give it a go.

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doomtrain3329d ago


your link should be titled

'' level 32 player solo's the very easy mode by himself using glitches and cheats in 16 mins ''

GameSpawn3329d ago

That is the only way to solo either of the Raids. Doing them legitimately needs a minimum of two (VERY SKILLED) players to finish. You still need three to get into the Vault of Glass, but after that two very skilled players could still finish the Vault.

HollowZbankai3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

umm i think The Legend Himself beat crotas end on hard(Solo) in about 1 hr 15 mins with no cheeses or glitches. theres even a video. so yes, its possible without cheesing

CorndogBurglar3328d ago

Vault of Glass requires a minimum of 3 players. You cant even open the vault without 3 people.

lordkripto3328d ago

You cannot do the vault with less than 4 people. Once you get to atheon you will have to have 4 minimum. 3 people get teleported

HollowZbankai3328d ago

sigh, again, there is a video on that as well. The Legend Himself did the vault with 3 people , then did it with 2 people. the vault can be opened with 2 ppl if very skilled. no enemies will ever go up to the middle platform. but yea i cant remember what happened at atheon but theres a video online. check it out. i hink they even escorted a sparrow or 2 all the way passed atheon to the win screen.

irishyort3328d ago

You can get in the Vault with 1 person BTW

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