Best Buy Weekly Deals for March 8th

Best Buy's weekly deals for March 8th are now live.

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Legion212768d ago

Disappointing to say the least.

rolltide101x2768d ago

Best Buy never has any good sales, neither really does anybody other than Amazon really

PaulKersey2768d ago

Huh? All Amazon does these days is match Best Buy and Target on video game/movie prices. They used to be pricing leaders - now they're just followers.

2pacalypsenow2768d ago

If 20% off any video game for 2 years for $30 is not a good deal then i dont know what is....

TomShoe2768d ago

Nothing. Until next week...

Minute Man 7212768d ago

Best Buy has BattleField 4 last gen and PC on sale today only for $6

vacoby52768d ago

30$ gamers club unlock.. for those of you who know about the membership take advantage of the new price and for those who don't, look into it and get this deal. No better gaming deal anywhere else

Spenok2768d ago

This couldn't be more true. All new games at $48? Hell yeah!