Did MGSV Give Mad Max The Prosthetic Finger? | MGLMix Video

A video that looks at the leak of the Metal Gear Solid 5 release date and how the may have stolen the glory of Mad Max's release date announcement.

There some thoughts on both games along with some comments about some new games announced last week including Trine 3, BombShell and Sublevel Zero.

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DarkOcelet2395d ago

I am getting both though i am pretty sure Mad Max release date will either be moved to an earlier/later release date. Avalanche Studios cant go up against a juggernaut like MGSV with a new IP.

AudioEppa2395d ago

mad max will get delayed, if it isn't I'll be shocked.

Or maybe.. Mgs5 gets delayed! Omgomgomg

DarkOcelet2395d ago

God, i hope MGSV doesn't get delayed.

nowitzki20042394d ago

I have a feeling it will. March 2016. I want to shoot myself for saying that, but in my gut I feel it.

Uncharted too.

nowitzki20042394d ago

Mad Max will get delayed and then MG5 will follow it to make sure that Mad Max does not sell as well as it could lol. Would be kind of funny.

AudioEppa2394d ago

Lol that would be funny.

rosscoffx2394d ago

Fixed the video embed guys, enjoy! Looking forward to both these games, shame IGN messed up on Mad Max! Looks a good game.

WeAreLegion2394d ago

Mad Max will get moved. I'm excited for both games though.

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