Did MGSV Give Mad Max The Prosthetic Finger? | MGLMix Video

A video that looks at the leak of the Metal Gear Solid 5 release date and how the may have stolen the glory of Mad Max's release date announcement.

There some thoughts on both games along with some comments about some new games announced last week including Trine 3, BombShell and Sublevel Zero.

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DarkOcelet3333d ago

I am getting both though i am pretty sure Mad Max release date will either be moved to an earlier/later release date. Avalanche Studios cant go up against a juggernaut like MGSV with a new IP.

AudioEppa3333d ago

mad max will get delayed, if it isn't I'll be shocked.

Or maybe.. Mgs5 gets delayed! Omgomgomg

DarkOcelet3333d ago

God, i hope MGSV doesn't get delayed.

nowitzki20043332d ago

I have a feeling it will. March 2016. I want to shoot myself for saying that, but in my gut I feel it.

Uncharted too.

nowitzki20043332d ago

Mad Max will get delayed and then MG5 will follow it to make sure that Mad Max does not sell as well as it could lol. Would be kind of funny.

AudioEppa3332d ago

Lol that would be funny.

rosscoffx3333d ago

Fixed the video embed guys, enjoy! Looking forward to both these games, shame IGN messed up on Mad Max! Looks a good game.

WeAreLegion3333d ago

Mad Max will get moved. I'm excited for both games though.

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6 Games That Genuinely Deserve A Current-Gen Upgrade

Games such as Mad Max, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Batman: Arkham Knight desperately deserve a modern-day revisit.

thorstein5d ago

Mad Max is underrated. Such a fun game.

Cacabunga4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

RDR2 still looks astounding on PS4 Pro. i cannot imagine how it could look with a next gen upgrade.

JonTheGod4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Probably not very different.

No idea why this article is highlighting recent beautiful graphically-advanced games and saying they need current gen makeovers. They already look better than most new releases; just compare Arkham Knight and Suicide Squad!

Yi-Long4d ago

It's obviously never gonna happen since Sony killed the game and studio, but Driveclub. Even in its current state, 10 years after release, it still puts many competitors to shame ...

Demetrius3d ago

I'm not into racing games but yeah I even looked at gameplay of that sometimes

Demetrius3d ago

Mad max ikr! Far cry primal, it amuses me how ubisoft just left ac unity hanging, sadly most of the good staff left from rocksteady while being forced to make that abomination smh


Since The Contra Revival Shows Konami Still Cares, How About A New Castlevania?

Hanzala from eXputer: "Contra: Operation Galuga is a classic revival done right, but why hasn't Konami done the same yet for the bigger and more popular Castlevania?"

shinoff218318d ago

Slowdown. Let them get these suikoden games done first. Alot of us are still waiting for those

XiNatsuDragnel18d ago

Castlevania fighting game for wii needs to be remade plz

Aphrodia17d ago

well, the new C ontra was made by Wayforward, who have been taking sooooo many of these classic franchises and making new iterations of them. Imo they aren't very good at it. And I don't see operation galuga being a large enough success to possibly give them Castlevania.


Konami Announces Record Financial Results and Boosts Sales and Profit Outlook for the Full Year

Today Konami announced its financial results for the first nine months of the fiscal year, related to the period between April 2023 and December 2023.

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Murdability76d ago

It’s almost like Metal Gear is a well known franchise

just_looken76d ago

Horrible news more proof todays "gamer" is just a cow ready to be milked.

That mgs collection is no better than my ps3 copy but my ps3 copy has 0 server restrictions i always roll my eyes when reviewers or these new "youtube gamer" channels show off the information books on a webpage via a trash in game browser or the lack of controller support like it s a good thing.

Also GOG still has a better version mgs 1 or use the duck ps1 emulator.

Well time for the peace walker remaster pc port 480p 20fps needs a rtx 3090 or 6900xt to run with dunovo konami account then a govt id check.