Project CARS vs F1 2014 - Rain Weather Comparison Video

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube’s ‘ADRIANF1esp’ has shared a new video with us, comparing the rain weather effects of Project CARS and F1 2014. This video shows a lap at Hockenheim GP with the Formula A in Project CARS (Williams Martini skin) and the 2014’s Williams FW36 in F1 2014."

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Ka7be2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Both look decent. But nothing ground breaking.

DarkOcelet2769d ago

The beginning song was from NFS Underground 2. Damn, now i want to play it.

On topic: Project Cars looks slightly better and more clearer.

Mega242769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Its weather effect comparison, and F1 is winning, given that it actually looks like realistic weather. PCars weather looks static and very unrealistic unlike F1, heavy rain like this fogs the track, Pcars looks weird when its heavy raining or a night.

llMurcielagoll2769d ago

I find it a little unfair comparing previous gen to a current gen game.

Apart from that, I like the F1 2014 and the F1s before it rain effect. with the fogged up and rain droplets on the cam view with the occasional droplets moving in different directions whereas project cars does not have that.

Rainfall on both look okay, nothing too spectacular about it.

Dude4202769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Ummm, Project Cars does have fog (maybe not moving droplets though, or yet...). :|

llMurcielagoll2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

You misunderstood when I said "Fogged up" I don't mean foggy weather, I am referring to the fogged up camera view due to the rain and moist on the "camera lens" in that view whereas Project cars does not have that in the video comparison, well yet. Could have been that I thought I typed "fogged up camera view" but I didn't as I have forgotten in the original comment.

But to be fair though it is a good effect on the F1 2014's part but with that F1 speed the droplets on the cam view should be most of the time moving in different directions out of the field of view and not just sliding downwards.

WellyUK2769d ago

Ye need to wait for the 2015 next gen f1 game before comparing tbh which was planned to release at the start of the season but has been pushed back.

sigfredod2769d ago

If i focus on the rain effect i think for me f1 does it better, starting for the tires water wake is well done on f1 these are open wheel cars and you expect a lot of water spray, on pcars there is none, also the reduced visibility for the rain seems to be better.

4theplayers2769d ago

Driveclub weather is better than both.

fxa52092769d ago

Indeed, nothing can top Driveclub to date.

WellyUK2769d ago

shame the game is average at best.

Dfooster2769d ago

Yeah agreed. Everyone seems to be praising driveclub for its graphics but I was bored of the driving model in next to no time as there was zero challenge to it.

PersonMan2769d ago

It's a shame that I really love Driveclub. I play it more than any other next gen game. Oh well. I guess I'm an idiot.

HaveAsandwich2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

thats a fact. the gameplay on the other hand......ehhh.

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