The Best of Rockstar Games

Through his 20 years with Rockstar games, AllPCGame's looks back on a select few of his past works

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Hellsvacancy2759d ago

The Warriors, LOVED that game, like anything R* make

thorstein2759d ago

Definitely needs a sequel. I would love to see a new gen release of Manhunt (and Manhunt 2 without the blur.)

scark922759d ago

Defo one of my favourite co-op games of all time, i wish they made a new similar game!

smolinsk2759d ago

Red Dead Redemption hands down:)

LightDiego2759d ago

The best game recently from Rockstar, from a lot of great games made by them.

Brooklynbully1232759d ago

C'mon How bully not on this list, epic fail

scark922759d ago

Always adored Bully, I hope they make a new one!

parentsbasement2759d ago

Red Dead Revolver ....beat that on hard and you have done something....

hazard17remedy2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Sorry, but Rockstar has made a game called Hitman? Wasn't Eidos ??