20 Minute Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Gameplay Introduced Us To The Standalone Prequel

A lot of new gameplay is shown at PAX East and Bethesda did not stay behind. They showed a 20 minute long gameplay of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood which is a standalone prequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Fro_xoxo3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

Love Wolf..

Machinegame's Wolf..

Definite buy.

dudebrokiller3326d ago

Anyone know when old blood comes out?

cfc783326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

May 5th £14.99

Clown_Syndr0me3326d ago

Can't wait. been looking for an excuse to rebuy The New Order, but already got Platinum and no DLC (as far as I'm aware) so hopefully this will satisfy my needs!

fanboysmackdown3326d ago

If it's better than New Order I might be interested. I thought New Order was so generic with last gen graphics and nothing stood out and I don't get where all the praise came from, the game sucked.

dcj05243326d ago

I can't even. How is it bad?

ndrliang13326d ago

I thought graphics were good. Story was pretty good, but could have been slightly better. Good characters. And a fantastic, old-school shooter, which was far from generic imo. Dual wielding laser rifles on the moon shooting Nazis? I'd like more of Wolfenstien

GearSkiN3326d ago

The order 1886 stood out but the game blows.. Not all bout the graphics

ManAnimalX3326d ago

Exactly, $20, that's what The Order: 1886 should have been priced like imo, that's a fair price and I can respect the way they are doing business with this game.

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PUBG Joins the PS Now Lineup Today

The genre-defining battle royale experience headlines this month's PS Now update, along with Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and Formula 1 2019.

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ilikestuff1595d ago

So I need ps plus to play this ps now game? If so that’s ps bs!!

ilikestuff1595d ago

I was asking, at the end of my first sentence was a question mark

rainslacker1595d ago

No. Games on PSNow do not require a separate PS+ sub if you are playing them through PSNow.

ilikestuff1595d ago

Ok awesome thanks, I got ps now and not plus, I was hoping they weren’t going to do something crappy like that. I’ve always been a PlayStation guy, stuff like this is why. Other companies would make u need plus.

FallenAngel19841595d ago

I don’t like the idea of them adding only 3 new games a month


Wolfenstein: A Dying Colossus?

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Up to 43% off Wolfenstein II and Wolfenstein: The Two-Pack

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