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Helldivers for the PS4, PS3 and the PS Vita, hits all the right notes to make it a solid online, co-op multiplyer. But is it the best co-op ever?

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reaperofsouls2760d ago

Excellent game, yet another reason to own a PS4

MysticStrummer2760d ago

Yes it is. It's one of those games where I play it for awhile, feel like taking a break, and then shortly after I feel like playing it some more. The music and soldier battle cries start going through my head and I have to get back to the war.

achmetha2760d ago

was pretty blind sided by this game. figured it'd be a, "one and done." but it's really deep and requires skill..i keep coming back to it every day

ChronoJoe2760d ago

Indeed, really loving this game. It has a lot of depth to it too, at the low level missions it's just a frantic, twin stick shooter without requiring too much thought, then at higher level it becomes an equally frantic, tactical experience where you have to have a gameplan, and drop different strategems at appropriate times in order to ensure success.

Only thing is, I wish you could save loadouts. Like I have a 'snow' loadout (because snow is fucking awful to walk in without jetpacks) but I have to reallocate all the equipment each time. It's a little annoying.

gamedruid2760d ago

yep..the starting levels are pretty mundane..but it picks up, and you can't put it down after that! :)

stavrami2760d ago

They really have served up a nice cup of liber-tea

S2Killinit2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

Deserves over 9. Great great game.

captainexplosion2760d ago

Is there different difficulties in this game?

MysticStrummer2760d ago

There are 12 difficulties if I'm not mistaken. From lowest to highest, they are Dive in the Park, Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Challenging, Very Challenging, Hard, Very Hard, Hard as Hell, Suicide Mission, Impossible, and Hell Dive.

captainexplosion2759d ago

Thank you. I want to get it for my son and I to play but I didn't want to if its too hard.

LordMaim2759d ago

Isn't Hell Dive listed as difficulty 13?

MysticStrummer2759d ago

It gets tough pretty fast, and to unlock certain things you have to do the planet they're assigned to as a reward. Each planet in a system represents one difficulty level, though I have seen some things like incendiary grenades as a reward on more than one difficulty. Will he be playing with anyone else?