5 Times Games Got Space Really, Really Right

Popular fiction has a tough time with accurate depictions of space, but some videogames get it really, really right. Let's give them credit.

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PlayStation Plus Just Quietly Released the Chillest Space Exploration Game

'Elite Dangerous' lets you live any kind of life you want in space. From dogfights with pirates to peaceful science missions, there's an option for every playstyle.

anast48d ago

This is a great space exploration game.

Markdn48d ago

Shame it's no longer supported though, :(

anast48d ago

A revive might be needed.

MrNinosan48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

What do you mean by quietly?
They announced it last week along the other games that was released yesterday on PS+ Extra/Premium.

GamerRN47d ago

They are trying to make it look like a casual drop, while trying to make it look like it outshines Starfield.

oIMyersIo48d ago

Great game, sadly abandoned by the developers due to the different version it ran compared to PC.

Plenty of hours to be had, we just miss out on a bunch of cool features and story development compared to PC players.

raWfodog47d ago

I was bummed when they announced they wouldn’t be bringing Odyssey to consoles. That was when I really began losing active interest in the game. Up until then, I already had about 800 hours invested in the game.

PunksOnN4G48d ago

Nah I'm good this the dev team that had console plans then decided not to and only work on the PC version why would I support a trash company

z2g48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

its ok. its def a pc game that made its way to console randomly. been out for a few years so its not exactly "new".

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10 Best Games Like Starfield to Play While You Wait

By Jason Monroe: Get ready to explore the galaxy, unravel space mysteries, and blow up some spaceships in our selection of games like Starfield.

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A Portal 2 Native VR Mod Is Seemingly In Development, Footage Confirms

The modder Gistix is apparently brewing up a VR mod for Portal 2, as confirmed in a new YouTube video posted by the Flat2VR channel.

SullysCigar198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

I mean, fine, but can we not have a VR version built from the ground up by Valve themselves?

Come on guys, it's time for a Portal 1 & 2 VR edition. And then announce Portal 3 release date!

-Foxtrot198d ago

It is weird they've done Alyx but not done VR version of their own games

It's like they dabble in something then just get bored and move onto something else

I'm still annoyed they made Alyx something you NEED to play in order to understand HL3 if it ever comes but isolated it as a VR game not everyone is going to play.

SullysCigar197d ago

I did hear someone made a pancake mod for Alyx, but no idea how it turned out.

The thing is, it wouldn't even take much for Valve to bring these games into VR. Sometimes modders can get VR mods for pancake games available day one. Sure, it's not to the same quality as if it was done by the developers themselves, but still. They could even outsource the VR ports and then scoop a profit from sales.

HyperMoused196d ago

Portal VR, geez if you thought you got sick playing RE7, get them buckets ready for this one