Fox News: 'Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate' review: Beauty or beast?

Fox News: One of the most in depth, difficult and time-consuming video game series returns for the Nintendo 3DS, and despite its awkwardness, moments of extreme frustration, and general lack of accessibility, the latest installment looks likely to hook in yet another group of video gamers this year.

zeal0us3325d ago

When the **** did fox news start reviewing games?

scark923325d ago

When they realized they have a large fanbase.

Bigpappy3324d ago

Yep. Their fanbase must believe that games are responsible for all the evils in the world.

Fox is all about right wing politics and opposed to MSNBC Leftwing politics. What there opinion is of a game is completely irrelevant.

annoyedgamer3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Im curious to see if they will remain objective or fall into political cheap shots. The left leaning institutions have no shame in this so my curiosity is definitely piqued.

Fox has a few libertarians and if they are smart they will appoint one to work on the reviews.

I left them a comment stating that they are welcome and if they remain politically objective things will be great I suggest you all do the same.

LightDiego3325d ago

Fox News it's the best news channel, the rest are just liberal propaganda. I'm a proud far-right conservative.

FromTheAshes3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )


"Fox News it's the best news channel, the rest are just liberal propaganda. I'm a proud far-right conservative."

Wow. You enjoy a biased news channel whom sensationalizes politics and race with the utmost condescending rhetoric and hyperbole despite being "Fair and Balanced"?

Keeping your feelings, personal/religious/political beliefs, or biases to yourself is what separates REAL journalist and reporters who only REPORT the news from the scumbags at Fox.

I would suggest you watch a documentary named Outfoxed to see just how scummy Rupert Murdoch's Fox is. http://www.imdb.com/title/t...

Can't wait for their review of GTA 5.../S

A bit more of Fox's BS... http://www.salon.com/2013/0...

Edit: On topic...How bout that Monster Hunter score? Not bad.

Aither3324d ago


No difference from the left leaning bias of MSNBC, CNN, and CBS. The only reason Fox News is bashed so much is because it is the leading new organization on cable. I would gladly take Stossel over Mathews, or Wallace over Maddow.

Also taking slander from a left wing blog site no one has ever heard of is down right low and just goes to show you are grasping at straws for attention to bash Fox.





FromTheAshes3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )


Hi Mr. O'Reilly

" just goes to show you are grasping at straws for attention to bash Fox." In your opinion.
..."The only reason Fox News is bashed so much is because it is the leading new organization on cable", and you know this how?

Why is it instead of countering with a logical argument? People suggest one is "grasping at straws" when providing relevant sources to back the suspicion of my opinion.

You haven't discredited anything I said except with a cynical "grabbing at straws" quip. Did you check the link for Outfoxed or did you conveniently overlook it?

I'm obviously not the only one who feels this way about Fox or MAINSTREAM AMERICAN MEDIA in general...To take offense on me speaking about Fox shows you are as weak as the straws I'm "grabbing".

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coolbeans3324d ago

Seems like this writer does them for Fox quite often.

-Metro; Redux
-TLOU: Remastered

Perjoss3325d ago

Good score, for once I agree with what they have to say :P

Tedakin3324d ago

Fox News game reviews? New segment on O'Reilly.. Bill Plays.

Qrphe3324d ago

>Bill gets keeps on dying on this one boss

Thanks Obama

ReelBigMike3324d ago

Well this is good because if Fox News likes it, then I know to avoid it like the plague.

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MadLad780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

If they're not important enough to be held on their own official storefront then they're not important enough to give your money to Nintendo.

Buy these, physically, used or simply emulate them.

This article comes off as nothing more than advertising games that Nintendo, themselves, don't care to offer you... buy now!

ocelot07780d ago

Wait hang on where all the outrage? I swear when Sony tried to do this with PS3 last year. There was outrage from all corners of the gaming universe.

Why does no one care Nintendo is doing it?

MadLad780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

There has been.
A lot of it.

Simply type in "3DS" in Google and tell me what you see.

ocelot07779d ago

Oh I have a fair few websites reporting on it. But where is the outcry on here? I remember their was 2-3 approved top voted articles when Sony announced they where closing the PS3 store. All slating them and not caring about customers.

I should of worded it better. Where is all the outrage on n4g?

MadLad779d ago (Edited 779d ago )

N4G is a fanboy site, mainly frequented by only Sony.
Microsoft is their direct competition, so you'll typically only see articles that are made to rile up those fanbases.

Nintendo does it's own thing, so they're rarely brought up, aside from their fans. The most you get is the same typical two or three posters claiming Nintendo is only for infants.

If you come to N4G for educated discourse and reasonable discussion, this isn't the place. Sad as it is.

pietro1212779d ago

It's lame that it is shutting down. Now I feel rushed buying all the rpgs I missed out on the system.

XxINFERNUSxX779d ago

You guys know that even archive.org has 3DS roms, and all other console roms. I'm downloading 846GB of 3DS roms and will add the best games to my soon to be soft modded New 3DS 😁. Might as well throw in DS and other emulators in there to. Guys this would be the best way to play and enjoy the 3DS. Just need to buy a bigger micro SD card and format it to FAT32, which you can if it's even 256GB or larger there are ways.

XxINFERNUSxX779d ago

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