Final Fantasy XV: Taking Down the Bohemoth

Stalking and fighting the Bohemoth in Final Fantasy XV.

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greenmiker2768d ago

I am playing 20 years FF series and I was calling them Behemoth.

vishmarx2768d ago

but the ones in this game are from behemia

MeteorPanda2768d ago

you the same dude on ign demanding answers for the xenoblade x and ff15 looking similar comment?

Sokol2768d ago

Someone is new to the game franchise lol, I had been playing Final Fantasy series on and off for almost twenty years, its always been called the Behemoth, iconic summon in every game. :)

Adrian_v012768d ago

Behemoth, iconic summon in every game?...

Maybe you're confusing it with Bahamut?

Sokol2768d ago

You are correct sir, edited for spelling error :)

mechlord2768d ago

it wasnt a summon in 12...though you could say Mateus could fit the bill...somehow

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