What Happened to WW2 First-Person-Shooters?

GamerBolt: "In my opinion, it won’t be long before we see a flurry of World War 2 first-person-shooters, and in 4 years’ time we’ll probably hoping for a return back to a futuristic theme, again. Either way, exciting times await."

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getrektedmate2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Well people got bored of ww2 games and now people are bored of futuristic games rinse and repeat is the future

diesoft2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Exactly right. It wasn't just fps games, though. Name a genre and WW2 was there. It was cool for awhile but they kept hammering the same thing over and over and over (sound familiar?) and I think it really broke free when modern warfare came out. Then it was clear the shift was made.

Now we need a break from the brown military shooter.

WellyUK2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

I personally never did and haven't really enjoyed the modern shooters (Only cod4 and Bf3). Would rather have a WW2 game any day over these wanna be cod modern shooters. CoH 2 and Red Orchestra 2 are the only stand out WW2 games recently.

mrdxpr22758d ago

so true I never enjoyed these modern war story. I have to admit there was a lot of ww2 games but they actually were enjoyable. miss those games

SpinalRemains1382758d ago


The weaponry in the WW2 games is way more balanced.

The MW games have weapons which take the fun out of the game.

GameSpawn2758d ago

Not exactly WW2, but there was Wolfenstein recently.

I think after the bookoo numbers of Metal of Honor games in the early 00's, people have lost interest in the WW2 era. Sci-Fi has pretty much taken over the FPS genre lately as there is more freedom of content and story.

crazychris41242759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

People were tired of WW2 games towards the end of the 6th gen and beginning of the 7th gen so Devs moved onto present and future settings. Now that we have had a ton of games in those periods people are looking to go back to 20th century wars. There are some good games if you look hard enough.

So if you're looking for good WW2 games that have come out recently you should check out the last couple Sniper Elite games, Enemy Front I heard was pretty good and you can find it for under $30, Wolfenstein: the New Order was alot of fun even though most of the game takes place after WW2, Company of Heroes 2 was a good RTS and if you are looking for WW2 free to play games then you should try War Thunder and Heroes & Generals. There are also some good WW1 games like Verdun and Valiant Hearts: The Great War which is a 2D puzzle game that got great reviews. Giant bomb is a great website if you are looking for games from a certain period.

Iceball20002759d ago

I want a complete remake of MOH Pacific Assalt! One of my fav WW2 games!

Matt6662759d ago

I think Rising Sun and Frontline are better in my own opinion and hence I would perfer to see them two being remade into HD

Iceball20002758d ago

I don't want HD remakes, I think its just a money grab. sure its nice for some games. But honestly this game needs a complete remake! Ground up!

Abdou0232758d ago

This game introduced me to Online Gaming !

n4rc2759d ago

Last ww2 game I got into was day of defeat.. Tons of fun..

I'd be up for more if done well

poppinslops2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Wolfenstien: the Old Blood will be out in May... it might be the least-realistic portrayal of WWII since 'Inglorious Basterds', but it looks like fun.

angelsx2759d ago

I want Battlefield 5 in WW2 with Frostabite 4.Old weapons,tanks and jets.Huge maps and violence

nitrogav2758d ago

I think Dice have already confirmed BF5 will be modern day , shame really could do with a change .

annoyedgamer2758d ago

EA will not allow that. Now if Actvision put Treyarch to make WAW2 and the gamer was a blowout hit, a Battlefield based in WW2 would follow.

nowitzki20042758d ago

I would rather go backwards instead of into the future.

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