Bloodborne: Nightmare Edition Is Back In Stock With, A Lower Price

Bloodborne: Nightmare Edition is back in stock…but not at the exclusive retailer.

The Nightmare Edition is currently being advertised as a exclusive to UK retailer GAME. This is a bit odd, mainly due to Rakuten (formally also selling the same edition. While GAME may be sold out, Rakuten (Base store) still have theirs in stock.

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getrektedmate2757d ago

Lower price????? That's a insta preorder for me

StormLegend2757d ago

Lower price? Oh hell yea! it'll be sold out again!!

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ocelot072757d ago

No idea why GAME are claming this is exclusive to them. Grainger Games are also selling this for £95.

Exari2756d ago

should I trust this site? the picture they have is from the collectors edition