Top 10: Female Characters in Gaming (International Women's Day)

Mark from PN2 lists the 10 best female characters in video games today, ranging from the obvious to the underrated, with a few notable additions from some top selling recent franchises.

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miyamoto2770d ago

Ellie and Tess
Elena and Chloe
Blaze Fielding
Terra FF VI
Sarah Bryant
Kat of Gravity Rush
Claire Redfield RE Code Veronica
Jill Valentine RE
Regina Dino Crisis

Ahmay2770d ago

Chung li is not on there...

kartanym2769d ago

The list could have been greater than 10, which made picking only 10 a hard act. I like to think she would have been in a top 20, however.

Thryhring2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Good to see Jade from Beyond Good & Evil there

Needs April Ryan from The Longest Journey though!

Some of my other favorites would include Visas Marr from KOTOR2, Morrigan from Dragon Age: Origins, Chloe Valens from Tales of Legendia, Jean from Lunar 2, and Syrenne from The Last Story

kartanym2769d ago

There's a fair few characters that could have been on the list, which is a testament to how many strong, important female characters we have in this industry.

Jyndal2769d ago

Clementine #1!!!

Couldn't have picked that one better!

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