Noah Todd’s Gaming Journey

Noah says, "Recently, two fellow writers wrote about their humble video game beginnings, and I figured I should tell mine. It’s interesting though; I’m really young—I’m only 15 years old, so my story doesn’t start with the N64 or Playstation 1, or anything of that sort. Those tend to be when most gamers joined the scene, but not me. I don’t actually even remember my very first game."

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Lords of Exile review - Games Asylum

Games Asylum: "Late last year the world was presented with Prison City, a NES homage that fused together the little-known gems Shatterhand and Power Blade. Just a few months later, we’re now on the receiving end of another 8-bit mash-up, with Lords of Exile playing like an amalgamation of Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden. With so many Castlevania alikes on the market, it certainly helps to have an extra kick."

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Microsoft Losing to Sony Is a Wrong Perception, Says Pachter; They Want to Win Business, Not Console

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter believes it's an incorrect gamers' perception that Microsoft has lost to Sony.

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Christopher5h ago

"If we change what our goal is, we're not losing" attitude. Kind of like how Microsoft didn't lose to Valve, they just changed their business model. And they didn't lose to Android and iOS, they just changed their business model. They 100%, after spending 3 generations competing heavily in console hardware, aren't losing to Sony, they're just changing their business model.

You can't ever lose if you just 'change your business model'!

Jin_Sakai5h ago

Pachter is full of crap. Always assume the opposite of what he says.

Cacabunga3h ago

This clown is still around? I cannot remember he ever got one prediction right

crazyCoconuts4h ago

What's kinda crazy to me is - if they retreat from consoles they're left with a business model that depends on making great games that people want to buy.
What has been Xbox's biggest issue over the last decade or so?
It's not like they're falling back to a strength...

GamerRN3h ago

They didn't retreat and even promised the biggest generational leap! Where did you get retreat from?

crazyCoconuts2h ago

@Gamer if you don't see it yet, there's nothing i can say to convince you.

PhillyDonJawn3h ago(Edited 3h ago)

Business is all about money not actual sales. If I sell 1 thing for 1 million and you sell 10000 things for 900k Who really won.

remixx1163h ago

The person who sold 10000 things because he has developed a consumer base and consistent revenue stream while simultaneously showing that he has the capacity to obtain market share.

The person who sold 1 thing for a million hasnt proven much outside of the simple fact that he can get an idiot to pay a copious amount of money for a single product. Holla at me when he has proven he can do it consistently overtime.

This is a nuanced subject matter

The Wood3h ago(Edited 3h ago)

How about the gamers perspective

Xbox as a console business is last in the gamersphere. Pivot after pivot, swerve after swerve. If it wasn't for pc the xbox console would died a while back. Console owners need to choose what's best for them, their experiences or the console owners profits

Christopher3h ago(Edited 3h ago)

Great. Guess who is in third place (just talking the main console market, not even including mobile and PC) both on software sales, hardware sales, and video game revenue?

PhillyDonJawn52m ago

Chris you might wanna do ya research

Christopher42m ago(Edited 38m ago)

***Chris you might wanna do ya research ***

You're right! It's only 2nd place on revenue. Good on you.

"Based on these revenues, we can see that: PlayStation made $11.3 billion more than Xbox, and $14.7 billion more than Nintendo. Xbox made $3.4 billion more than Nintendo."

Now, do you want to find me proof that Xbox isn't in third on hardware and software sales? They've literally cannibalized their own sales via subscription services and their hardware is well known to be last place.

But, hey, Microsoft is okay losing in every category here, why would they get rid of a part of their business that they are in turn (and wasn't accounted for in 2023 numbers totally since it was distributed over 5 years, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2027, the cost of their latest purchase) spending more than 7x their annual revenue on.

PhillyDonJawn23m ago(Edited 23m ago)

@Chris I'm glad you did ya research seen you were wrong but you also forgetting this. Revenue isn't everything my friend, remember business is about money

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Eonjay3h ago

The obvious rebuttal to Pachter's cray cray notion is that you wouldn't have to change your model if you were winning.

senorfartcushion18m ago

Or "those who win get to change their business model."

Fanboyism ends at a brick wall of "big company no care about whether you like or hate them, get a life."

Reaper22_3h ago(Edited 3h ago)

Sony said similar things when their Walkman was beaten by Apple and when Samsung surpassed them in the TV market. I can go on and on but I'm sure you get the picture. Business is business. All companies take a whippen every now and and then. The difference is how you bounce back. Microsoft net worth has grown over the years. Business wise they are very successful and no matter what, sony would love to be where they are financially. Sony isn't the competition microsoft worries about. That been clear for a long time now. Microsoft wants gaming to be a part of their ecosystem. Sony needs it. Big difference there.

Christopher2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

There's a lot wrong here.

First, the attempt to turn this argument into one about other failed businesses. Which, surprisingly, you make the argument I'm making but then...

Second, the attempt to confirm that Microsoft isn't competition when Microsoft admitted in court that they are.

Third, the attempt to act like Microsoft, from a business perspective, doesn't need what they spent over $100b to acquire but Sony does? Laughable.

Businesses are about profits. If you stop earning enough profit in a division, it goes away. Simple as that. Xbox is a division competiting against Valve, Epic, Sony, Nintendo, Android, and iOS. Simple as that. Xbox, to remain 'part of the ecosystem' needs to not cost the company more than it brings in. Simple.

2h ago
Rude-ro2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

They actually won.

The whole point was to force Sony into playing ball so that they could not put “windows” in more jeopardy than it was at the time.
Apple, Google, then Sony innovating while partnered with Linux…

When will people realize it has never been about gaming as to why Microsoft got into gaming?

Trojan horses people.

senorfartcushion19m ago

Well, yeah, that's the point. They're too big-a-company for fanboy stuff to be at-all relevant.

badz1492m ago

If Pachter said MS is not losing, it means that MS is losing.

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shinoff21834h ago

How's this guy still around. According to him consoles were dying after ps2, ps3 Era.

Christopher4h ago

Analysts are never wrong, the market just had a swift change for which no one could account.

3h ago
stonecold33h ago

michael and his bs view just give me headache wish he would go and retire

senorfartcushion16m ago

Thing is, if fanboys understood business, they wouldn't be wasting their time commenting on gaming websites.

MIDGETonSTILTS173h ago(Edited 3h ago)

They only way that plan works is if people still want to play in their ecosystem.

Eventually, they’re ecosystem needs more games.

Helldivers 2 could swing Xbots to ps6 if it isn’t countered by the end of the gen.