5 Game Remakes the Xbox One Would Love

At the time of writing this article, an impressive 348 games have been released or announced for the Xbox One. Many have been or will be big-budget releases that the vast majority of us already know and love or are looking forward to getting our hands on – while far more are lesser known arcade style and indie developers titles.

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lifeisgamesok2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

I say Lost Odyssey, Banjo, Jade Empire, Perfect Dark, and Brute Force or Sudeki

christocolus2395d ago

Nice list but i'll add kameo, Fuzion Frenzy, Mech Assault and Crimson skies.

GenuineGamer2395d ago

Man Crimson skies was so good i don't get why they never made a sequel. I could totally go for a new gen Crimson skies.

gamingdaduk2395d ago

Ah yes Fuzion Frenzy would be amazing!

AngelicIceDiamond2395d ago

Jade Empire.

Yes yes and more YES. One of my favorite games of that era.

This is a pretty good list.

Half Life 3 lol, just lol not even a snowballs chance.

Tenchu would be a dream come true.

Destruction Derby would be a fantastic XBL team up crash game. The old one was hella fun.

Stiffler2395d ago


That was one of the first games I tried on the OG Xbox when I was young. Great times I had playing coop with my friends.

This is one game that I would pay anything for, omg!

WESKER20152395d ago

defo lost odyssey otogi 1 and 2 also, would be nice :)

GenuineGamer2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

I was gonna say that! ;)

Also Crimson Sea and Dino Crysis

gamingdaduk2395d ago

Dino Crisis, definite YES!

JasonKCK2395d ago

Star Wars Republic Commando and Advent Rising.

AngelicIceDiamond2395d ago

I KNOW you didn't just say Advent Rising. I know you didn't just go there.

Lol you went there, you... you went there.

JasonKCK2394d ago

Now you want to play it don't you :)

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The story is too old to be commented.