Gamer dies after playing World of Warcraft for 19 hours straight

Now that Blizzard has announced that players can purchase game time subscriptions with in-game gold, World of Warcraft can become a game that literally pays for itself — that is, if a player is determined enough.

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getrektedmate1859d ago

at Least he died doing what he loved the most.

Insomnia_841859d ago

"Find what you love and let it kill you."

Omegasyde1859d ago

hmm David Carradine (kill bill) went out in a simulat fashion.

no_more_heroes1859d ago

There was one week last spring in college where I got a grand total of 6 hours of sleep in 7 days. That was two hours of sleep every two nights for that week. And no, not a single game was played during that time.

I never want to do anything like that again and I can't understand how and why people do these crazy marathons.

Allsystemgamer1859d ago

That's my life right now being a film editor!

Bigpappy1859d ago

May be he got so deep into the game, he actually too an arrow. Or he really isn't dead, just warped into the game and left this world for the one on his PC.

uth111859d ago

I find it hard to believe the game killed him. I mean 19 hours is insane, but it shouldn't be lethal. Probably something else was wrong

bananaboats1859d ago

Probably had some health issues prior to his death.

martinezjesus19931859d ago

I agree. Im not trying to compare my experience to his but I remember when I got fallout 3 I played for 23 hours straight before I got any sleep let alone a break.

Tankbusta401859d ago

Years and years of doing the dew and doritos

ShaunCameron1859d ago

I guess the stereotypes about "hardcore" gamers are true. LOL

Metallox1859d ago

Of course. Knowing the cause would tell us another hint, but it's pretty obvious that something else was wrong. I assume he already had cardiovascular issues.

Agent_00_Revan1859d ago

I remember all those stories of people in china or wherever going for 50+ hours before they keel over. So 19 is nothing.

PickAShoe1859d ago

I are also twitch 24 hours streamers also.

Dirtnapstor1859d ago

Probably had a health issue and complicated it with no sleep and gallons of energy drinks.

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