Highlands: This New SRPG Takes a Big Risk - PAX East

IGN - Highlands lets you conquer the world turn by turn with mechanics from the board game Risk.


PAX East Wrap up Video

Fionna writes: "Check out our recap of everything PAX East that we saw and did!  Featuring our sponsored streamer RoblogFett and Fionna Fox."

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Highlands Review - Pretty. Simplistic [The Koalition]

Burrito Studios has brought a degree of simplicity to the SRPG genre, welcoming new players but possibly losing more seasoned players due to the lack of challenge.

Nevertheless, Highlands is a solid game at its core and a wonder to look at.

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Romudeth3259d ago

Sounds like a good game for those who want to check out the genre.

Profexxion3259d ago

It's a good starting point.


Highlands Review l Made For Gaming

Conner writes: "Highlands is a story centric RPG set in a fantasy universe high above the earth, on cities floating in the sky, among the clouds. Whilst the general premise bears more than a passing resemblance to Bioshock: Infinite, the main meat of the game, and the story, is much more than what it seems, with a interesting (if slightly generic) storyline backed up by a unique art style and combat engine."

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