Assassins Creed: Rogue Maxed Out Settings on PC

This is how the game looks like on a Geforce Nvidia GTX 970 card on max settings the game runs 60 FPS on action scenes it dips down to 57 FPS overall the gameplay runes smooth with little hiccups.

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gusgusjr3191d ago

Looks nice release date is bad though for me. To many other games to buy. Will wait for a price drop.

Loktai3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Wish this was coming to next-gen consoles. It looks like black flag which I actually liked.

I have a PC but for one Its not in a great place for playing and its a workstation running linux so... that complicates things.

Meltic3191d ago

Best optimized AC ive played. Playing it now bought it early. Story is good and the graphic is allso nice. But gameplay very nice. It has day and night cycle, it can snow, it can allso rain and fog allso comes. Buy it !

joab7773191d ago

It looks unbelievable.

Some company should make a list of games, hire devs, and go back and redo all the games we loved. Obviously, they would need permission, but damn.

I kinda look at this gen like a go between b/c the demand was for a cheap console. So, it's the perfect time to remake games we love for PC and console. What I'd love even more though, would be additions in some manner. New endings, weapons, quests...whatever. ..replayability. Anyway, they can continue until they make all 3 Bioshocks. Then they can stop. And like redux, I'd love a continuous interface, menu, two hands, and flow. Make Infinite pace like Bioshock. Imagine playing those 3 games remastered.

Yui_Suzumiya3191d ago

I'd love a BioShock remastered trilogy!

Kingdomcome2473191d ago

I'd stream tears of joy if a remastered Bioshock trilogy was announced. What if they were done in Unreal Engine 4?

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Gwiz3191d ago

It's a very decent port,runs much better than earlier iterations.

starchild3191d ago

True, but part of that is because it's not as graphically advanced as Black Flag or Unity.

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It’ll Be Fine, Right? Five Games With Unfortunate Release Strategies

Mark from WellPlayed writes about five game launches that were impacted by unfortunate scheduling.

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jznrpg209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Zero Dawn sold really well so I’m not sure this belongs. The second game released next to a big game again and it hurt it some I forget what it was though, oh yeah Elden Ring .
But a good game is a good game to me I don’t care when they release personally but they do have to think about it when you want to get more people to buy it.


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The exact play order of the series can be a heated subject among the core fanbase. Should you play the games in chronological order? Or should you play through the series in order of their release date?"

Jpinter1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

Cool feature. The anchor point links need to be fixed in the article, but otherwise great stuff. Thank you for posting!

Wuket1114d ago

Thank you, just realised that the TOC is not working

1113d ago