Hands on with Final Fantasy XV 'Episode Duscae' | Wired

Final Fantasy XV is arguably the most eagerly awaited entry in the series ever -- if you count the early buzz from its original announcement in 2006 as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, at least. After years of shrouded development, during which the game has switched titles, platforms, and directors, at last got to go hands on with an early test of the Episode Duscae demo, finding it a radical evolution of Square Enix's beloved RPG franchise.

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camel_toad2768d ago

Kingdom Hearts and Dark Souls similarities? Count me in.

vishmarx2768d ago

The summon is indeed ramuh and the press has already seen it in action

DarkOcelet2768d ago

Wasnt Adrammelech the Lightning Esper in FFXII? It could be either Adrammelech or Ramuh.

vishmarx2768d ago

actually famitsu flat out named him later on.
at the time of the post it was still a rumor from dengeki

jambola2767d ago

any way to remove this comment for spoilers?

PaleMoonDeath2768d ago

The more I read about these short playthroughs, more more I'm getting a feeling this will pay off big time, only less than two weeks till I can give it a shot myself.