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Late last week, we got to go and get hands-on with Final Fantasy XV for the first time, getting a good chunk of time to experience Episode Duscae, the upcoming demo of the game that's set to ship as a download code with first-print copies of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD later this month.

There's a lot to talk about - so rather than a regular article explaining what we played and what we thought, we've recorded a special edition of the TetraCast, RPG Site's Podcast. This special edition focuses only on Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae, with a whopping hour and a half of in-depth explanations and analysis of the content of the demo - all while remaining spoiler-free.

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Yi-Long2759d ago

... will the western release of the game have the option for the Japanese voices...!?

BloodAddiction2758d ago

This is really the least of my worries, unless it was an anime based game.

Yi-Long2758d ago

I was just reading through the latest issue of GamesTM (158), and a bad dub can really negatively affect a game, as was also mentioned in a big article about the Final Fantasy series, where they called the English dub for FFXV 'questionable', and 'the budget anime dub feel' of Final Fantasy X 'jarring'.

The Leona Lewis song at the end of Final Fantasy XIII also wasn't popular with the writers.

Point is, it might not bother YOU, but a (poor) dub will obviously be detrimental to the game for many others, either because of the quality of the dub itself, or simply because of the opinion that a game, cartoon or movie should ALWAYS offer the option for the original language/voices.

In this day and age, with almost limitless storage-space and big download speeds, there really is no good reason any more to leave that option out of games like these.

NoctisPendragon2758d ago

For the demo : Yes.
For the final game : maybe.

Yi-Long2758d ago

Thank you :) I hope they'll include the option in the final release :)

colonel1792758d ago

Hopefully the "Maybe" becomes at least DLC or post-release update.