Rock Band 4 Skips Wii U, Tantalus’s AAA Wii U Game, Nintendo Embraces Cross Buy – WiR 3/7/15

Looks like Rock Band 4 is skipping the Wii U, Tantalus is porting a "AAA" game to the Wii U, and Cross Buy hits Nintendo platforms, and Shawn Long tries to make sense of it all in the latest episode!

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dark-kyon2768d ago

Lol,more what skip wii u i think what rockband move forward without looking down.

Starbucks_Fan2768d ago

It didn't sell that great on the Wii. No surprise here.

quantae062768d ago

It actually sold better on the Wii than the PS3 version from what I've heard.

wonderfulmonkeyman2768d ago

More interested in Tantalus's surprise project than in Rock Band not hitting the Wii U, honestly.

They did a good job on Deus Ex Director's Cut, all things considered. The only way it could have been better is if they had been able to include all of the DLC weapons.

Broomfondle2768d ago

Yawn. Not missing much by not having this game. I agree with Monkeyman and am far more interested in the Tantalus project.

nowitzki20042768d ago

WiiU is amazing but if you only own a WiiU, you are missing a heck of a lot more than if you only own a pc, ps4, or xone. It had great exclusives but how many great games that are multiplats that have came out in the WiiU's lifetime and are coming out in the future are not going to be on the WiiU? My personal guess is a lot. Witcher 3? GTAV? Dying Light? Plus MANY MANY more!!

This is why if you are a true gamer it is hard to own a WiiU if you are a 1 console person. I really hope Nintendo takes hardware of the console a whole lot more seriously next gen.