MGSV Sins of the Father music video contest winners announced

Donna Burke has selected three Sins of the Father music videos as the winners of the contest. Last month fans could send in their own music videos using footage provided by Donna Burke, as well as any video material they could come up with. Today three winning videos were selected.

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Gatsu2764d ago

So incredible work :), congratulations to winners <3!

Nyxus2764d ago

Yeah some well made videos.

DarkOcelet2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

The first video was really amazing. Kudos to the person who did it.

I really have to replay MGS 3 again. The game is just a masterpiece.

scark922763d ago

These are fantastic, I really like the first one!

amobius2763d ago

this website never loads for me.

Nyxus2763d ago

Sorry about that. We're looking into it.

Gatsu2763d ago

That's weird D:, it always work for me.

I use Mozilla but dunno if browser has anything to do with it.