GTA 5: Rockstar Reveal How to Make $10m in Online Heists With New Cash Challenge

Rockstar gave a little hint to those financially ambitious GTA Online players looking to pick up the big score using the new features set to be added on March 10.

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XSpike2759d ago

I wonder how long it'll be before they cut how much money you can earn..

Dee_912759d ago

Considering how incredibly hard / borderline impossible it would be to get that money, I don't see them cutting it.

spacewarrior12759d ago

you also have to remember planning and executing heists isn't going to be cheap. i wouldn't be surprised if heists is a way for Rockstar to push their cash cards. no way they are going to cut off their stream of essensially free money just to give people an easy way of getting in game money.

TheOnlyMastrx2759d ago

Damn, idk if my group can do all of them without dying for that $10 million but the heists do look very promising. I'm glad they took their time with them.

PCGamingNoobs2759d ago

I need RP, need level 100 for the platinum.