How Sony’s PS4 VR headset will bump 60 fps to 120 fps

PS4Daily: "How Sony will make sure that all Project Morpheus games run at 120 FPS".

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Brotard2759d ago

i need one of these, if you could just send me one now that would be nice. thanks Shu!

GameNameFame2759d ago

People also forget PS4 also have considerably stronger hardware. This is from Ubisoft themselves during GDC.

It definitely has room to implement additional techniques like this.

mikeslemonade2759d ago

So games will look like PS3 launch games then.

jhoward5852759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )


Morpheus games should look better than a PS3 games b/c each individual pixel inside the OLED screen has 3 colors. RED BLUE GREEN. RGBpixel.

A basic OLED screen has one color for each pixel. A world of differences.

The color are going to rich.

decrypt2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Hey Sony, where are the 3D games? or is that fad dead now? Oh wait they are on the PC lol.

With all the talk and marketing Sony did with 3D one would have thought they would lead in that sector, instead they hardly had 40 3d capable games throughout the PS3s life time. They failed so badly, i dont believe their are any 3d games on the PS4. Instead its the PC platform again which sports over 600 games in 3d.

Amusing all the promises and hype Sony stirs considering their dated hardware.

Peekayboo2759d ago

Ubisoft now that's a name you can trust LOL

PeaSFor2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

decrypt, its not like VR is 3d.... OH WAIT, IT ASLO in 3d.

keep hating, hater.

Aussiebeachbabe2758d ago

Considerably stronger?lol. You GameNameFame are a germ. Spreading shit where ever you go. 120fps when theyre struggling to get 60fps. Dream on germs.

GameNameFame2758d ago


50 percent more tflop

200 percent ROP

400 percent ACE.


And this by Ubisoft multithreading GPU.

Especially due to that ACE, PS4 was basically built for multithreading.

Again, cry to the benchmark.

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kevnb2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

This is the tech they use in lcd tvs and it looks horrible there... Let's see if they have magically cured the soap opera effect. I sadly think vr just isn't ready for prime time, even with a monster pc getting a solid 90+ fps in new games is taxing.

Pandamobile2759d ago

TV interpolation creates a blend between frames because you can sample forward in time.

You can't do that with real-time applications. What Sony is doing with Morpheus is practically the same thing Oculus talked about last year when they were developing asynchronous timewarp.

In a nutshell, the technique uses the previous frame's data and re-projects a new camera position based on the HMD sensor info to fill in the gaps between rendered frames.

specialguest2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Correct. It's not a true 120fps in the straight forward way for those who are doubting Pandamobile as it is explained at 2:20 of this interview, but it's a smart technique for the hardware limitation.

kevnb2759d ago

I would love to see them pull that off on a game that can even maintain 30fps...

tubers2759d ago

Thanks. Sounds like a video-game (more sophisticated) version of modern TV frame-interpolation.

"fill in the gaps between rendered frames."

I'm guessing this would have zero to much less artefacting like TV interpolation?

Volkama2759d ago

Which surely means it is worse than the interpolation techniques on the TVs, because it is forming a filler frame based on just one half of the data...

It's also a non-response frame that will ignore input and effectively contribute to latency.

But it is far more important that they get it right for VR than for a gimmicky TV mode, so maybe they've come up with something special. Feedback from GDC has been positive, and I can't wait to try it myself.

jhoward5852759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )


I would love to see them pull that off on a game that can even maintain 30fps...

Sony isn't taking any chances like the article states.They're going with 120FPS, however, 90fps is still good.

Beside, that's the beauty of having an OLED screen.The pixel in OLED screen are individually lit which helps reduce latency. LCD screens aren't as good as OLED screen b/c it uses a <back light> that resides inches away from the screen. The light travel time would make the VR experience a little unenjoyable.

Eonjay2759d ago

Repojection isn't merely for doubling frames... although it can be used that way. It is a method of keeping the FPS from dropping below 120. Shu describes during his interviews that the Studio Japan demo (which runs at 120 FPS) uses this technique to prevent dropped frames. So if the framerate falls to 100 FPS for a frame, the reprojection will step in and provide the projected frame. It ensures that the frame rate is 120FPS at all times.

jhoward5852759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )


PS4 hardware will get heavily taxed if runs at native 120fps. At that frame rate speed the image quality goes down, maybe way down.

Personally, I think Sony wouldn't be happy to bring down the image quality because the clarity of those images are very important to making the sense of presence a little more enjoyable.

PS4 can't double all the frames in VR b/c the system itself is already having a hard time doing 60fp, with out any tricks implemented in the frame sequence.

For those who don't understand I'm going to try to explain it an easy way.

make believe each characters is a frame...

This is how normal frame rate look like below.
A B C D E F you get the idea.

This is what the software is doing for Morpheus..
A * C * E * G The (*) portion of the frame rate sequence is what the software is filling in between frame A and frame C.

EDIT: forgot to add. The * represented here are frames that are low quality.

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donthate2759d ago

Unfortunately, the reprojection Sony is doing on their VR headset is a downgrade. Ironically, 120fps is going to be crappier than 90fps

Interpolating between two frames is just a trick. Both Oculus and Valve's VR device will be smoother and better right out of the gate with a downgraded experience on Morpheus.

This is where the specs do matter!

ChrisW2759d ago

Any one with simple PC gaming knowledge knows that lower resolution and few renderings on the screen means higher frames-per-second.

This subtly means that high quality AAA games like KZ, Uncharted, and TLOU would be impossible.

dillhole2759d ago

Sometimes it looks great on LED TVs, shame about the input lag.

Ninjatogo2758d ago
This guy does a fantastic job of explaining how VR reprojection works. It's different to how tv frame tweening works.

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Debaitable2759d ago

People are going to be disappointed with this the same way they were disappointed once it became apparent that this generation of consoles wasn't going to bring us to a 1080/60FPS era.

I have a pS4 and I will buy this but I just feel the expectations out of this are way up there.

Clunkyd2759d ago

Ill be more disappointed if the games are just lame tech demos, like they are now on PC.

garrettbobbyferguson2759d ago

Tech demos? There are plenty of games on PC that support VR. War Thunder, Half Life, Alien Isolation, etc.

AliTheSnake12759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

You will never have a 1080p/60 fps era on any console, unless Sony and Microsoft make it a requirement. Because developers want to push the graphics to the maximum.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI2759d ago

Any idea if this will be standalone hardware of a peripheral. If its the latter I hope to god its for PC otherwise its gonna be doomed to fail. You need enthusiast grade tech in order to drive vr without it being terrible both in regards yo quality and health

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