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GameSpot - Final Fantasy XV handles combat very differently than past games. To start, you only have control over the main character, Noctis. Final Fantasy XIII has a similar constraint, but at some point it opens up and allows you to switch leaders, and thus the character you're controlling. This is not the case in Final Fantasy XV, as Noctis will forever be the only character under your control. It seems that you can change your party members' equipment, but that might be the extent of your influence over your cohorts.

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nicksetzer12769d ago

This game really has me excited. I would have really loved turn-based jrpg (like ffx) but this actually looks fun. Also, the stark contrast of environments, characters and monsters really seems cool. I honestly think this might be the first final fantasy I buy in quite a while.

Relientk772769d ago

FFXV looks great so far, but I would also love another turn-based one in the future

Tapani2769d ago

I wish they would go back to FFIX style again. Then maybe throw some FFXII in the mix, but the actual battles should all be in separate screens and turn-based, like in the old days.

Hope they make FFXVI also a bit more simplistic, but deep in gameplay. I'd love to have old-school leveling, grinding for money to buy new weapons and armor, then upgrade it with some materials etc. to find new types of weapons via some synthetization or black smithing. A job-system with upgrades to better jobs via a combination of two jobs, having at least three tiers. All focus on gameplay first, then the story could be built around it. Just use a new and innovative take on good basic story, be inventive and use small details with a meaning.

I know it's not that easy and everyone wants a different thing, but that's just my dream final fantasy game :)

GameSpawn2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Turned based RPGs are loosing favor to the faster paced action of Pseudo-turn based Action RPGs and full action RPGs. With FFXV I can REALLY tell this is made by the same team that made Kingdom Hearts - it has the same exact action based game play, though greatly expanded upon.

After seeing the game play I'm really excited for this installment. XIII-2 and Lightning Returns were such disappointments in the Final Fantasy series. I let XIII slide as the game was somewhat enjoyable past Chapter 6. I'm also excited about the more modern setting and the openness of this game. Hopefully Square isn't trolling us more with this game and it ends up becoming a 2020 release.

ThunderPulse2768d ago

Another tactics game would be great too.

Metallox2769d ago

Positive reactions so far, especially for the camping system, which looks to be very cool to say the least.

kevnb2769d ago

between this, personna 5 and xenoblade x, it should be a good year

ps4gamer19832769d ago

Anyone thinks FF15 will be out in 2016?

kevnb2769d ago

maybe, but it seems like 2015 could happen

Eamon2769d ago

With what they've shown so far, 2015 is a possibility. If not, then early 2016.

Metallox2769d ago

They have claimed recently that the project has barely surpassed 50% of completion. This is just an assumption though, but I'm nearly sure that they said 60%. Could take a whole year before release.

Despite that, 2015 is a potential date, I don't deny that.

moegooner882769d ago

Control only one character. Not what I was hoping for tbh.

2769d ago
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