Who Built the Better 16-Bit Mickey Mouse Trap?

Carl Williams writes, "For the sake of fairness here I am going to keep this comparison discussion squarely in the 16-Bit era of gaming. That means we won’t be comparing the Game Boy, Game Gear, Nintendo Entertainment System or Sega Master System versions of the Mickey Mouse games. Sure, there were plenty on those platforms, most by Capcom and Sega, but I have to narrow this comparison down somehow so 16-Bit it is. That still leaves more than a small handful of titles to compare on the Sega Genesis versus the Super Nintendo (carrying on the tradition set in our first issue). The question is, who built the better mouse trap?"

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Knightofelemia3327d ago

Mickey Mania now that was a great game to play. As for all those other titles they were all great to play. Sure hope Disney does an Epic Mickey 3.

triverse3327d ago

I have to agree, all of the games listed were great but Mickey Mania just had something more going for it (maybe the concept?) then the Sega CD version with that extra, exclusive, level just pushed that version over the top.


Acquire Joins KADOKAWA Group: Could This Mean A Revival for Tenchu & Way of the Samurai ?

Acquire, famous for games like Tenchu and Octopath Traveler, becomes KADOKAWA subsidiary. Can this mean a revival for beloved series?

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Snookies124d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I would kill to have a Way of the Samurai game with a huge budget and modern tech... The first game was one of my greatest joys on PS2 back in the day. And I really hope From Software will do something with Tenchu... I hate that they're just sitting on the IP like it doesn't even exist.

Relientk773d ago

Don't play with my feelings like that.

Also, new Tenchu please!

TheColbertinator3d ago

Tenchu would be superb in this day and age. Ninja and samurai games are hot right now and more is better.

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The Reason Sega Lost The 32-Bit War? The 32X, Says Yosuke Okunari

"The company was unable to focus enough on its main hope"

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ApocalypseShadow5d ago

Nope. Going back to the 32X as the reason Sega lost that generation doesn't go back far enough before the Saturn.

Sega executives need to blame themselves as to why Sega lost that generation. Not Saturn. Not 32X. Not Sega CD. Nope. Executives were the reason why. It wasn't the hardware. Those devices were either dropped early or released to soon resulting in a developer backlash the hurt the game catalog. They really shouldn't have been made at all because they should have planned their next move more carefully. It has nothing to do with the devices. Poor leadership decisions and lack of unity within the company are what happened.

Love how blame is always shifted away from what is the truth. Writing a book placing the blame on the 32X isn't the truth.

solideagle4d ago

I am pretty sure there are documentaries (Youtube) around it which highlights these points. I had Sega Mega drive and NES growing up but that's about it. I didn't even know there was a war going on between these companies but I do remember thinking why I can't play Sonic cartridge on Nintendo or Mario on Sega :D

FinalFantasyFanatic4d ago

I had the Genesis and the Saturn, also had the SNES and 64, I never got a Dreamcast for some reason, but I never saw one in the stores either.


The Game Deflators E281 | Mario Has Been Dethroned as Most Iconic + City of Lost Children PS1 Review

This week on the Game Deflators Podcast, John is joined by Darren of 32 Bit Library and the Pixels and Polygons podcast, as they discuss the topic of Microsoft seeking redemption in 2024, security measures parents still aren’t taking for digital wallets, and the new most iconic video game character according to a recent BAFTA poll.
Capping off the episode, the guys review the City of Lost Children for the PS1. A unique and relatively unknown title, do the games graphics dystopian world blur the lines between good and bad?

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