Who Built the Better 16-Bit Mickey Mouse Trap?

Carl Williams writes, "For the sake of fairness here I am going to keep this comparison discussion squarely in the 16-Bit era of gaming. That means we won’t be comparing the Game Boy, Game Gear, Nintendo Entertainment System or Sega Master System versions of the Mickey Mouse games. Sure, there were plenty on those platforms, most by Capcom and Sega, but I have to narrow this comparison down somehow so 16-Bit it is. That still leaves more than a small handful of titles to compare on the Sega Genesis versus the Super Nintendo (carrying on the tradition set in our first issue). The question is, who built the better mouse trap?"

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Knightofelemia2759d ago

Mickey Mania now that was a great game to play. As for all those other titles they were all great to play. Sure hope Disney does an Epic Mickey 3.

triverse2759d ago

I have to agree, all of the games listed were great but Mickey Mania just had something more going for it (maybe the concept?) then the Sega CD version with that extra, exclusive, level just pushed that version over the top.