Steal Ships and Test Multi-Crew Flight in Star Citizen’s 1.1 Update

With the latest patch 1.1 content dropping onto the Public Test Universe, anyone accepted into the testing phases of Star Citizen can now steal other player’s ships and interact with these other players on a scale larger than the single player experience.

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Stevefantisy2764d ago

I was watching this happen last night pretty funny stuff.

JoeIsMad2764d ago

It's a super fun thing to do, and it will of course only get better.

ROQFrost2764d ago

Nice can't wait for this patch to go public

Stevefantisy2764d ago

I can see some serious rage videos popping up because of this too lol.

Jacktrauma2764d ago

Been waiting a long time for this! w00t! :D

DeusEx-Machina2763d ago

Can't wait for AC1.1! Really curios to see how it will play with the latest changes.

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