NGB | Helldivers Review

NGB Wrote: "Helldivers is a fun, action-packed and utterly addicted experience. The game isn’t perfect, with little gripes here and there, but on the whole, you really cannot complain and I have to applaud Arrowhead Game Studios on their efforts. It can be fun on your own, but the game really turns up once you and a couple of friends get together. The level of addiction on offer will keep you coming back to Helldivers for a long while yet. Helldivers is an experience that you really should not miss out on, and one that will really gravitate Arrowhead Game Studio’s status as one of the best upcoming developers out there."

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S2Killinit2769d ago

What an amazing game. Its addictive, rewarding, and keeps you coming back for more. Love how it forces you to cooperate. Just great game all around.