New Steam hack threatens users

Users found a security breach allowing hackers to take control over your account.


Valve fixed this issue, everything is safe now.

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Neo_Zeed2769d ago

But everyone tells me that Steam is perfect.

LonDonE2769d ago

Lol my thoughts exactly!

Bodge2769d ago

Issue was fixed within an hour. Would takes weeks for those lesser machines.

snoopgg2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

They did a good job at getting the problem solved quickly.

Bladesfist2769d ago

Steam is in no way perfect, but it is the best gaming network out there. It has by far the most features and does not cost a thing.

SniperControl2769d ago

Totally agree, i love Steam, i currently have 143 games on there dating back to 2004 and have never accounted more than a handful of problems since, can the same be said for other services?

Bladesfist2769d ago


436 games here with just under 300 installed and ready to play at the press of a button.

I was talking features like.

Gifting games
Steam Inventory
Steam Workshop
Steam Broadcasting
Steam Chat (voice and text)
Steam Cloud saves
Steam Family Sharing
Steam Screenshots
Steam Community

It does a whole lot of what the other platforms do but better as well as having things only it does and all for free.

mixelon2769d ago

485 here.. Somehow. And I have everything always installed XD

I love the gifting/inventory system so much.

Hmm, is there an N4G Steam community? There probably should be?

Stiffler2769d ago


Indeed Steam is a top not gaming network. I've been using it since 2008 and everything is superb except for one thing...

That is customer support. They fail in this department so bad that it's embarrassing. No call line. No live chat. Only support tickets (private forum posts for help) that take at least 2-3 days for an answer that you may or may not get.

That needs to change asap

SniperControl2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

@ Blade & Mixelon

Wow, that is alot of games.

For i am just a padawan in thy shadow...

I have a second lower spec PC setup with just a 150Gb HDD, i love the streaming of Steam, no need to install games on the second PC.

blockcoc2769d ago

@Stiffler Try asking for Gaben next time.

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Lon3wolf2769d ago

It may be perfect but anything is hackable :D

maniacmayhem2769d ago

Exactly how many articles have you seen posted on N4G in the last two years of Steam being hacked or for that matter down?

Compare those to Xbox Live and PSN.

slappy5082769d ago

Was fixed within an hour. Not bad for a free service.

dcj05242769d ago

It is lol. They fixed it in an hour. Sony would have psn down all day

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my_wife_is_dead2769d ago

" this time Steam users are the ones who are targeted by hackers who found a way to control your account after you visit a suspicious profile page."

That's not how XSS works...

--bienio--2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

I was sceptical about steam and digital games, but Now my all library cant exist without steam. So yes I would say Steam its far better then others clients (Xbox live, Psn) plus its free:) can't wait for November to grab steam link and play Mortal Kombat X in my living room with my friends:) cool things coming for Pc community:)
ps. I know we can do this Now but still its good thing for players to have more options...

Two-Face2769d ago

I can't imagine living without Steam, it has become a huge part of my life. I use it for gaming, chatting with friends, debating on various forums, and more.

I have had Steam for 8 years, and have around 500 games, and never have I thought of switching gaming platform for those 8 years. There has not been any majoy downtime or problems for me, and the gaming deals are the best thing about it.

jbronie1232769d ago

Pc master race? Derp.... Derp

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