Button Mashers: Capcom May be Going the Wrong Direction With Street Fighter V

Back with Button Mashers this week, Hi3i discusses the direction for Capcom and Street Fighter V. Have a look at the video below and leave your comments on where Street Fighter V might be headed and how it will effect the series.

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FriedGoat3131d ago

rofl button mash in SF and you've lost.

Jetstorm3131d ago

It's definitely to early to tell how the actual game play may be and unfair to base how it's going to be off trailers made to showcase certain moves of characters. Until they release a full on match highlighting how the combat is going to be all we can do is look at these videos and be hyped about certain characters and the kind of moves they can do.

Bigpappy3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

I hope they don't screw this up. My fellow PS4 gamers have had more than their fair share of high profile games that fell way short. Established franchises like this and in X1's case Tomb Raider, are supposed to be know quantities as far as expecting a quality product at the end. But if the developers do not go in with a well conceived plan, and instead just focus on getting something out there quickly to make some money, the games can easily fall short.

Transporter473131d ago

Which games have fell short? I haven't been disappointed at any of them yet. Bloodborne is next too :D

Blackleg-sanji3131d ago

Look how many disagrees u got because u personally have been satisfied with the current games released you gamers are jokes

Rachel_Alucard3131d ago

The Order, Driveclub, Knack, Killzone: SF, Infamous: Second Son have all been pretty lackluster judging from the reception. Though Driveclub is better than it was at launch but its intial release was awful.

Baka-akaB3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

The question is reception from whom , gamers or the critics ? I'm not blindly calling them masterpiece nor questioning their flaws (or in Driveclub's case the disaster launch and still puzzling server issues once everywhile) , but arent all of those (pending the Order's numbers) commercial success and still very much enjoyed ?

Rachel_Alucard3131d ago


I never said people haven't been enjoying them its just the line-up so far has never had that WOW factor that they need in order to sell systems.

Anyone who's played infamous can tell you its glaring flaws despite it being the highest scoring out of the bunch at 80. The PS4's exclusive line-up has just been medeiocrity and no amount of praise from the public can remove the labels which have been applied to them. Thats not to say its gonna stay that way because I do in fact have Bloodeborne paid off and I do have high hopes for that and many other exclusives like Disgaea 5 and Uncharted 4 down the line. The PS4's line-up however is not nearly as bad as Xbone's lineup, (*cough* Fighter Within) but both suffer from mediocrity in the end.

Transporter473131d ago


I have enjoyed The Order, KZ:SF, IF:SS, Knack, and I haven't bought Driveclub just yet because of my backlog. I honestly have not been disappointed with any of them. One thing about me personally is that a game which gives me an amazing experience will never disappoint me. Experiencing certain things in games are very enjoyable. The Order 1886 has one of the best experiences I have ever played, and I have played a lot of games.

Rachel_Alucard3131d ago


Everyone has different standards as to what makes a game good for them. I don't judge someones opinion as being "wrong" what I pointed out was that based on the opinions of people outside this site, the overall reception of the line-up is lackluster. You can argue that you personally enjoyed the games but a large amount of people who played the games didn't enjoy them the same way you did, therefore mediocre responses come in.

The PS4 is great system and a must own, but in terms of its exclusives it's lacking. I have been playing multiplatform releases like DBZ: Xenoverse, DOA5: LR, and Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires. All those games aren't that great and suffer from problems but I personally enjoy them and it doesnt bother me when somebody points it out. But I acknowledge that they aren't that good at the same time.

Transporter473131d ago


One thing about people giving low review scores to games which are not broken, low quality, and are enjoyable makes little to no sense to me because they do give some games a pass, yet they don't to others. I say, if you're going to nitpick do it to all the games or do not do it to any. Why have a bias system where certain games get a free pass and others don't? When it comes to game reviews I think they should review the games for what they are and not for what they are not. For example, the order 1886 got bad reviews because they expected something else, but the developers never promised those things that for some reason were "missing" or "lacking" A reviewer needs to put his bias away or state the fact that he didn't enjoy it, and not makes it seem like everyone would hate it.

Jet_Uppercut3131d ago


The reviewers expected a game and got an "experience". I don't even know what the difference is, honestly. One seems like something you would expect a game to be and the other is some kind of marketing term for a game that should have popcorn as a pre-order bonus.
So glad my country has a 7-day non-conditional return policy because Order 1886 was a steaming load.

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jhoward5853131d ago

I don't think capcom would turn SF5 in to a game for the casual(button mashing) b/c they would probably lose the hardcore players whom have made SF a popular franchise.

Remember, capcom doesn't do much marketing for their games so they're going to need to keep the same support system(players) to make the next installment of SF a hit.

One things I have noticed... SF feeds off of good players to be successful in the gaming industry. Lose the players and surely they will lose the popularity, at least hardcore ones.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen3131d ago

This is the only game in Capcom's portfolio that I know they won't screw up. Not worried at all.

JoeIsMad3131d ago

That's pretty much how I feel about it. If you can't trust Capcom with a fighting game, what can you trust them with?

gamerfan09093131d ago

"This is the only game in Capcom's portfolio that I know they won't screw up." You forgot to mention you feel this way because it''s a Sony exclusive. Funny how Sony fanboys go from saying Capcom should be bankrupt to now loving them. Funny stuff. Can't wait for dualshockers 20 articles a day on how good the game looks.

Blackleg-sanji3131d ago

And I find it funny how all of a sudden every one is worried about street fighter 5? Why because it's exclusive?

Deathdeliverer3131d ago

Sanji hit the nail directly on the head. There has never been a reason to doubt a Street fighter. That series has proven itself to be in the right hands with every iteration. Now suddenly it's exclusive and possibly going about things wrong. There's videos showing that it's no slower than SFIV and in some cases faster. What will they complain about next? Only 3 characters have been shown for God's sake.

mattdillahunty3131d ago

"And I find it funny how all of a sudden every one is worried about street fighter 5? Why because it's exclusive?"

did you forget about SFxT, which was their last major fighting game release? it was a huge flop in the competitive scene (you rarely ever see it at tournaments anymore), and it was riddled with DLC/content controversy. the game ended up with decent sales, but it was ultimately a bad look for Capcom.

i honestly think SF5 will turn out fine, but i don't blame people for being wary. Capcom isn't perfect.

Baka-akaB3131d ago

Sure but spin offs are something of their own , be they good or bad . And there is a decent history when it comes to quality of gameplays and changes when it came to SF4 addons before and after SFxT . Let's also not forget that they did turn the game around with changes and the 2013 version . It was just too late for the game's reputation .

Even then SFXT (wich i precise i dont like) still was around at major tourneys for quite longer than expected ... hell if that's the main criteria for the sake of argument... games like Injustice had barely hype at EVO and others , and are already gone and being replaced by better spiritual sequels like MKX ...

t-hall7853131d ago

I feel the same and I don't even have a ps4. Name a bad street fighter. (besides the movie game). I'll wait.

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