Edge of Eternity receives some amazing new screenshots

Publisher Midgar Studio has released a set of 6 new screenshots today for all to witness.

Edge Of Eternity is a RPG turn by turn based on Final Fantasy 7 era combat system.

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Humble Bundle Launches JRPG Pack Featuring 7 Games For $15

Humble Bundle has launched a new JRPG bundle comprised of seven JRPGs. Costing a minimum of $15 USD, the following seven games are included:

Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga
Mato Anomalies
Edge of Eternity
Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling
Nexomon: Extinction
Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising
Dark Deity

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repsahj83d ago

Damn, I hope this bundle also applicable on PS stores!


Humble Choice March 2023 lineup announced

The Humble Choice March 2023 lineup is here with games like Biomutant and Jurassic World Evolution 2. All told, players can grab eight games.

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Amazon Slashes Up To 67% Off On Select Action Adventure, RPG, Shooter & Simulation Games

Daily Video Game writes: "If you’re looking to pick up some cheap games to play, Amazon has a bunch of select action-adventure, RPG, shooter, and simulation games on sale that are receiving decent discounts across multiple gaming platforms right now!"

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