Gigantic Hands-On Preview (Pax East 2015) | Front Towards Gamer

Rhys Egner of FTG: This hands-on preview is, well, not so much “big” or “a big” hands-on preview as much as it is a preview of a game called “Gigantic“. Of course, if you were directed here through the main page of the site, you probably already knew that. Needless to say, you’re probably asking, “Rhys, why are you embellishing so much?” and “how is it that you speak in a way that suggests I have any interest in what you’re writing?” Well, external-monologue that hurt my feelings, I’m glad you didn’t actually ask those questions.

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Hero Themed Shooter Gignatic to Shut Down Soon

Shortly after a major lay off at Motiga, Perfect World and Motiga announce Gigantic is shutting down later this year.

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aarogree2221d ago

Well that sucks. The game was rescued from cancellation by Perfect World only to get shut down shortly afterwards.

ULTp0ltergeist2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Overwatch completely demolished these new MOBAS. Gigantic was a good quality game, just bad timing.

ThatDudeMunkee2216d ago

It did. It sucks. I really think that a lot of these games are hurting from Overwatch.


Gigantic to Shut Down in July

Perfect World confirms the date and details of the Gigantic shutdown, granting players their final few months of free play in the unique MOBA.

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2222d ago
joab7772222d ago

I didn't even know this released yet.

lxeasy2221d ago

not gonna lie... I completely forgot about this game.

UCForce2222d ago

Damn it. First Paragon and now this. “Sigh”

Devxdos992222d ago

I guess mobas doesn't have a sustainable player base

Kaiou2222d ago

Not good for the industry

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November 4, 2017 1RBC Gaming Weekly – Perfect World Shuts Down Torchlight and Gigantic

1RBC: Publisher Perfect World has shut down both Runic Games and Motiga. Runic was the studio behind RPG series Torchlight as well as the newly released Hob– after nine years in the business, they’ve finally met their end. Motiga, on the other hand, was a much newer studio- they released their debut game, Gigantic, over the summer. Unfortunately, it seems that neither developer was quite profitable enough for international megacorp Perfect World- hence their decision to shut these studios. The rest of our episode this week is business as usual- new Playstation games from the Paris Games Week and Razer’s gaming phone- all embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

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