SMITE Xbox One Preview – PAX East 2015 | Twinfinite

Can MOBAs succeed on consoles? SMITE intends to find out.

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Bigpappy1848d ago

The only way it will fail, is if they screw-up the responsiveness of the controller or the camera work sucks. Other than that, I look forward to many hours working my way through all the modes, and feeling satisfied that I got my money's worth or maybe more. But this looks my type of game. It may not be as masculine and Ryse when it comes to finishes, but seems to have much more depth and variety.

EdMcGlone1848d ago

Neither of those were the case in my experience. The controls and camera worked just fine.

Eejanaika1848d ago

This is a fun game. Glad to see it on another console

BrianSharon1848d ago

It looks like this Smite be a good game, after all.

NegativeCreepWA1848d ago

Great game, and it allows you to buy every character in one reasonable bundle, unlike most mobas.

WCxAlchemist1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

Smite along with gigantic both Xbox console exclusives will change Console gaming as we know it..

Edit: Really the 1st true Moba on consoles Xbox fans prepare for none stop fun