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SaveFerris2764d ago

Love that silver colour. Does it come with a 1TB internal HDD?

VER1ON2764d ago

Sorry I really don't have a clue as the specs haven't been announced as far as I know. The console is only on display now at PAX East.

mikeslemonade2764d ago

The X1 is a great looking system but I'm not getting the game on the X1. Most likely PC since it comes free with a new GPU.

badz1492764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )


which means, you're getting a new GPU. I'm thinking of getting one too but still undecided on which one.

ZombieKiller2764d ago

I love the colors! If I ever decide to buy X1 I'm going to get a special edition. If...

Brotard2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

i don't know whats cooler this or
think i like the ps4 cause of the gold and i think its a better designed console

Kingdomcome2472764d ago

Only one of these was made as a prize for a contest at PAX East just like the custom controllers, I believe.

OT: Great Odin's raven, that thing is gorgeous.

Bigpappy2764d ago

I like the blood red underneath the silver on the controller. Nice touch for a game where you slice and dice from start to finish.

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getrektedmate2764d ago

Wow really? I was expecting a retail version.

magiciandude2764d ago

That is a really cool looking Xbox One.

StrayaKNT2764d ago

Thats a beautiful console they should release it for everyone, id buy it within a heart beat.

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The story is too old to be commented.