PlayStation’s Racing Dominance Has Disappeared

It seems as if it’s been way too long since Ethan Bailey has become invested in a racing game. During his younger years, winning on the race track with his customized ride was a real thrill. No, not in Mario Kart or Diddy Kong Racing, but in the ultimate driving simulator series Gran Turismo.

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Foehammer2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

That was a pretty good read, thks for submitting.

I agree with all the points, but...

I'm a little leary about putting any credence in that 2 year launch window. The last time Polyphony Digital moved to a new console it took 6 years to develop the game.

That's a long time to wait, especially while players on another console would end up enjoying higher rated racing games every 2 years.

EDIT @ DarkOcelet, Agree, I think a large part of that is also attributable to Kazunori Yamauchi being a perfectionist.

EDIT 2, @ Solidstoner, thx, I was referring to the total time from completion of their last FULL game to the launch of their next FULL game.

DarkOcelet2760d ago

PD took that time because it was hard to develop for a PS3.

Now that the PS4 is here, things will change.

SolidStoner2760d ago

PS3 release date is 2006..

Gran Turismo 5 release date 2010... its 4 years really.. and..

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue release date 2007... (about 6 tracks and 80 cars, pretty big demo).

so the wait for The Gran turismo is 1 year in the end..

Hope GT7 demo will be ready soon for ps4.. and full GT7 might be out in 2016, will find out @ E3 2015! ;)

Pintheshadows2760d ago

Plus the engine they used for 6 was designed in such a way that they could crank it up for a new generation.

SoapShoes2760d ago

Exactly it was 4 years and we had Tourist Trophy, GT PSP, GT HD, GT5 Prologue between GT4 and 5. No side projects this time.

mikeslemonade2760d ago

Racing genre is lame. I played Horizon 2 exactly one time. And MK8 is okay. It doesn't effect PlayStation much.

vishmarx2760d ago

gt5 collectively sold like 16 million.
even if gt 6 wasnt as big a success itll take a lot more to diminish that dominance

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pwnsause_returns2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

I think with project morpheus' arrival, I beleive that is going to change., that's the one genre of game that will gp benefit the most, so I can see the genre come back and be the most dominant on ps4. Of course with the pc aside.

And i am 100% sure that PD is going to integrate this into gt7

jhoward5852760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

Sony might reveal GT7 at E3.

Also, I think there might be a reason why Sony hasn't reveal any other racing game as of yet. I think it has something to do with DC b/c
They've been holding Drive Club down for far too long.

That said, Sony/evo might add VR support for DC and would rather wait to show it off at e3. Why I think? DC plus is free so Sony has nothing to loose but to make the same free game for VR. I could be wrong.

specialguest2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

Be on the look out for Project Cars. It will have Morpheus support. I've already played a few racing games in VR and not even a triple monitor setup can give you the same immersion. You could look anywhere in the cockpit like bejng in a real car.

Omegasyde2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

I would fu);&;&);&/&/) ing love to try W!p3out with project morpheus!

I stated to Adam Boyles at the playstation expirience to really let indie 3rd party developers make games using thier IPs instead of just sitting on the intellectual rights making ZERO money. Not sure he gave a flying f### but I am hoping it sunk in.

Would love a new version of jet motto/motorstorm/wipeout/destr uction derby

SuperLupe2760d ago

Yep GT went stale after GT4.

Gran Turismo 5 took 6 years to develop and was a dissapointement and hardly anybody even remembers that GT6 released less than 1 year and a half ago.

PD need to get new management or something.

Crimzon2760d ago

I think GT3 was the best game in the franchise, because it's the last one that was genuinely fun and enjoyable to play.

With GT4 and onwards, Polyphony Digital have become obsessed with realism and it's just sucked all enjoyment out of the game for me. They've been focusing on all the wrong things with that franchise and the games have suffered a lot because of it.

It's a problem with the racing genre as a whole, really. All these developers obsess over licensed cars and making them look as photorealistic as possible, and the gameplay always suffers because of it. Nowadays every racing game has the exact same cars racing around the exact same tracks, it's silly.

I miss when racing games were about going stupidly fast and having fun, but the racing games of today are about driving virtual representations of the exact same car you drive to work every day, it's dull. All the fun racing games have vanished.

Naga2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

@ Crimzon

"...but the racing games of today are about driving virtual representations of the exact same car you drive to work every day."

Perhaps you should expand your horizons (so to speak) and experience the offerings of other racing franchises. Because I can't hardly afford the vast majority of the vehicles in either of the Forza games.

"I miss when racing games were about going stupidly fast and having fun..."

Dude, Forza Horizon 2 has has you racing against airplanes in a stupid fast Ferrari along a picturesque curving coastal European road. Going stupidly fast and having fun is what that's all about... so much so that I recently switched back to FM5 because I wanted a more serious and technical challenge (I'm just like that).

Like I said, you should try other games before condemning them all. I think you'd be rather surprised (and satisfied, too).

Chevalier2760d ago

GT5 outsold the last 4 Forza/Horizon combined. Even GT6 which has outsold almost all the Forza/Horizon games in sales. So even the worst selling GT destroys Forza sales even with Xbone/360 combined sales.

Naga2760d ago

@ Chevalier

GT5/6 released on the PS3 in the peak of its lifespan with an install base in the realm of 70+ million. If it HADN'T outsold FM5 and FH2, I would be shocked.

I'm not knocking Gran Turismo, by any means - I grew up on that game, and it gave birth to my current adoration for cars and racing in general. HOWEVER, touting sales as proof of quality or superiority is a tired argument that has been refuted hundreds of times with countless references to Call of Duty. I'll spare you the elaboration, but you see the point.

There is a veritable drought in quality racing simulation for the PlayStation, and Turn 10 has been filling that vacuum of power. My base assertion here is that PD and Sony need to get their act together if they want to become "dominant" as they once were.

Chevalier2760d ago

"GT5/6 released on the PS3 in the peak of its lifespan with an install base in the realm of 70+ million. If it HADN'T outsold FM5 and FH2, I would be shocked. "

What's your point? The Forza Horizon 2 combined install is what 95 million between 2 platforms (360 and Xbone) and sold less than 1/3 of GT6 and 1/10 of GT5. Same with Forza 5.

Crimzon2759d ago


Thanks for the recommendation but I don't have an Xbox One, so I can't play those games. My only console right now is a PS4 so my options are pretty limited. I don't know why that Chevalier guy had to go on a fanboy rant about sales figures for GT either, but whatever, trolls gotta troll I guess.

For me personally though, I can't really see myself getting excited about any future racing games unless they're Burnout or Wipeout (a truly great PlayStation franchise that's now dead, sadly). I might check out Forza if the rumors of first party Xbox games coming to PC is true, though.

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Aceman182760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

Once again the "gaming media" shows its idiocy with click bait articles, and the haters jump on the bandwagon to agree with them.

GT will be fine that I have confidence in.

Also if you don't want penalties in a racing game go play NFS real world racing has penalties for being as idiot of the racetrack.

Naga2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

@ Aceman18

The next GT may indeed be just fine. So what? The author said nothing of it.

The problem is that GT is nowhere to be found. When one considers that along with the fact that the Forza series has launched not one, but TWO successful racing games this generation with a third coming this year... it's hardly clickbait to claim that Playstation's once-cemented dominance of the genre has disappeared. It really has.

PD needs to knock it out of the freaking park with GT7, and soon, if they are going to regain the ground they have lost since GT4.

SoapShoes2760d ago

@Naga just making more doesn't mean better. I liked Forza till 3 but now it's becoming as frequent as NFS which isn't a good thing...

Naga2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

@ SoapShoes

I didn't say it meant better. I simply implied that PlayStation is no longer the dominant force in console racing, because their competitor looks to have 3 highly-acclaimed titles released on the current generation before they even enter the ring.

You can't be called dominant if you're not even competing on the same stage (current gen consoles).

And regarding the release pacing of the Forza games, Forza Motorsport has always released every two years. The only difference now is that we have Forza Horizon, an open-world arcade racer, releasing in the off years. It may be tiresome to see "Forza" every year, but they two very distinct franchises which target two very distinct audiences. Nothing has actually changed with the franchise you say you liked.

rainslacker2760d ago


Where should GT be found? GT has never released less than two years after a PS console release that I'm aware of, and then another one always releases a year or two before the end of the generation. GT6 came out less than two years ago, and Sony recently released Driveclub.

I'm pretty confident that when GT finally does get released, it'll do quite well, and will likely be just as good as it always is.

MS is far from a dominant force in console driving. Forza isn't anywhere near as popular as GT. GT has connections to racing outside the console space and has earned it's reputation through hard work and PD respecting racing in general.

I guess Sony could have delayed the release of GT6 for the current gen to make Xbox fans happy. I'm pretty sure all those people who brought PS3's were OK with them not doing so.

It's been two years since release. To claim either console is dominating the racing scene right now is ludicrous. Forza, while a good racing game, simply does not have the worldwide following that GT does.

That being said, Sony now has two solid racing IP's under it's belt. They took a risk, whereas MS just sells it's racers off the name of Forza.

Naga2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

@ rainslacker

"MS is far from a dominant force in console driving."

I never actually said that Microsoft was the dominant force. What I actually said was - and I'll just go ahead and quote it for you: "...PlayStation is no longer the dominant force in console racing, because their competitor looks to have 3 highly-acclaimed titles released on the current generation before they even enter the ring."

What that means is that while PlayStation was once the dominant platform for racing. By that, I mean that there was no close competition (that's what dominance means). The fact that Xbox offers competitive options on the previous gen and pretty much the only offerings on the current gen is basic, factual proof that the market is at least competitive.

I am echoing the sentiments of the author in saying that PlayStation is not the *dominant* platform. That does NOT mean I am asserting the's a really basic, reasonable claim... and it has been since I first made it. If people would simply read what I'm saying instead of trying to inject ulterior fanboy motives into my comments, this wouldn't be so difficult.

rainslacker2760d ago


I understood what you were saying, and I wasn't trying to call you out. I was simply asking what people expected? Should GT release so quickly? It's possible if they had delayed GT6, but them releasing it so late in the PS3's life I think actually kept it in people's minds so PD could get the PS4 the best version possible instead of just a shiny coat of paint. Sony was often praised for their late support of the console.

Anyhow, there is competition on the PS console. People seem to completely discount DriveClub as a competitor to Forza, but I would assert that it is actually a direct competitor to Forza. It may not have the name recognition now among the casuals, but it's a pretty popular game on PS right now. Despite it's launch hiccups, people like it. I think Forza is better myself overall, but the author didn't do himself any favors by dismissing it. I imagine if/when the free PS+ version comes, it'll explode in popularity, because it is a solid racer.

In any case, I think both Forza and GT are great racers, and there doesn't really need to be a dominate console for racing. If both consoles have awesome racers, then that's great for the people that own the consoles because it means they don't really have to give up something to get what they want.

That being said, GT will cement PS as the go to console for racing due to it's connections within the racing community. It's built that over almost 20 years now, and I don't see it going away any time soon. It's recognized as quality outside of the console space, and that means a lot.

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MYSTERIO3602759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

The next GT seems like it will be very interesting. Hopefully this one puts them back on track. Pun intended

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Aloy-Boyfriend2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

''No one wants penalties in a racing game.''

Then don't play Project Cars because bad drivers will have a really bad time. There's always some sort of penalty on every racing game. Driveclub realism doesn't take away the fun. It engages you to do better and use your driving skills to win. Go and play your racing games with drive assistance and rewind to fix your mistakes. Sims racers aren't your thing.

And regarding Grand Turismo, it was 5 which dropped the ball. It was still good but disappointing. I blame The Cell Processor for that. GT6 at least was an improvement and also great. PD has another chance to take the throne with GT7 with the new-and-powerful-easy-to-devel op PS4. However, it will be difficult because there's way more competition.

jerethdagryphon2760d ago

Um sorry but if i hit a war in a enzo doing 170 i expect some form of penelty because otherwise wheres the drive to do better screw up in drive club and you can go from first to last in the time it takes tou to finish the spinout.

yewles12760d ago

Nobody even realizes how big Gran Turismo has grown beyond gaming...

XabiDaChosenOne2760d ago

Don't bother, the concern trolls are already here claiming PD will become irrelevant if they don't "step it up".

OT: I don't agree with this article in the slightest.

rainslacker2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

Eh, Xbox fans can believe whatever they want, and then be dumbfounded when the next GT sells anywhere between 12-20 million units going by historical sales.

They have Forza which obviously destroys GT in both respect and popularity./s

When the next GT is announced, Forza will hardly be mentioned among racing game fans.

Azzanation2760d ago

So when does sales = Quality?

So your basically claiming that Halo destroys Killzone SF and every other FPS Sony make on there PlayStation, infact Halo destroys a lot of PS exclusives just on its own, because it outsells them right?

You see what your doing, your contradicting yourself. Sales don't mean anything. Forza has been the best racing franchises for the past decade not because it outsold GT or its competitors, it was simply the better game to be playing.

GT7 needs to come out quick because if I was a casual gamer wanting to buy a console for a racing game I can easily tell you PS4 wont be that purchase right now.

rainslacker2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

I actually would say that Halo is better than any FPS that Sony makes. Halo is a damn fine series. KZ is good as well, but Halo just clicks in every way.

And no, sales don't equal quality, but the GT series has had a long standing reputation of quality, and while the last release wasn't as good as GT3, it was certainly not crap and it wasn't released so long ago that it's just a distant memory, and it was definitely better than any version of Forza out there.

If some people want to believe that the PS console isn't the dominate console for driving then they can believe it, but the fact remains that when the next GT drops, people will buy it because of it's prestige.

I am not contradicting myself at all. I'm simply stating the way things are going to happen. It happened last gen when articles like this appeared, and it'll happen this time too. It doesn't take a crystal ball, just knowing that fan boys are really that predictable.

If a casual player wants to buy a console for a racing game, there are plenty to choose from, and Forza isn't the only game in town, nor is it the go to console racing sim. Casuals are just as likely to go to the cheaper PS3 for GT5/6 or WiiU for Mario Cart. They may pick the X1 for Forza. They may buy PS4 for DriveClub. But Sony not having GT right now does not automatically give a sale to MS. People recognize GT, even the casuals, and that's not something that Forza can claim.

Think of it this way. Before this article popped up, where have you seen a single person say that Sony wasn't the place to go for console racing? Who was saying that? Xbox fans? I haven't seen a single Sony fan, or non Xbox fan boy ever make such a claim. Lets face it, no one who isn't biased believes that Sony is losing in this area, and the fact that GT is always anticipated before it's even announced speaks volumes to what people think of the series....and I'd wager that the fact it's on PS console is hardly a consideration to the casual player.

joeorc2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

The idea is very clear:

the fans of forza want to take the crown of being the best "driving Simulator''
On Consoles. The problem is Forza is not strictly a Driving Simulator, its an arcade racer with Driving simulator functions added to it. But Forza was never designed from the get go to be a core designed driving simulator.

thats the problem with the idea is Sony is loosing the Dominance in Driving on Consoles.

There is not a pure driving simulator on the xbox platform
and calling Sony loosing its dominance for drivers in the console market does not really fit because Sonys playstation does not really have the dominance for driving games because there is MANY RACING GAMES OUT THERE!

If you were talking about a dominance in Driving Simulators on consoles , than Sony could not loose that crown if you want to call a virtual crown a crown lol. Because there is only one real driving simulator on consoles and that is GT. It is Unique as a game on consoles for Racing because its designed for as a driving simulator..key word "driving" its to avoid crashing your [email protected] car..not to see how it crumples under impacts in many ways. Because if you would have crashed like that. Your race would be over because you better have a expensive replacement car on hand..LMAO

Key point "driving" avoid Crashing forza is not designed as a simulator 1st racing.2nd. GT is driving 1st/racing 2nd .

That is the main problem GT is not ever going to be Forza but it seems many wants forza to be GT. Which it will never be.

You cannot take the crown of best "driving Simulator" on consoles if your game is not a freaking Driving matter how you try to frame the argument..Certain Game Media need to just let it Go. GT is exactly what it has and has always been designed for. Telling the publisher to step it up on Making the best driving simulators on consoles is pure irony since GT is the only Real Driving simulator on Consoles not just in name but on real game design.

Rimeskeem2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

DriveClub is amazing. People don't realize this because it had a bad start. It's probably one of the best racers out.

When GT7 hits it's gonna be something huge for the racing genre. Especially with the adding of Project Morpheus.


A games reviews don't always dictate how good it is

jerethdagryphon2760d ago

No drive club sucks simply cause im crap no other reason. nd yes im joking drive club is great im just crap