PS4 Borderlands: The Handsome Collection File Size revealed

With a few more weeks to go before its launch Sony has placed The Handsome Collection of Borderlands on the PS4's EU PS Store and along with it comes the game's filesize.

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Toiletsteak2769d ago

Thats actually smaller then i thought (thats what she said) i was expecting something like 40GB considering it is 2 games with all the DLC.

VER1ON2769d ago

Same here, it you would take into consideration that some PS3 games actually filled up to 40-50GB that is rather small.

2769d ago
Tesal2769d ago

Could it be ? the game is compressed ? and would take a longer loading time while u play it due to that ?

Or they just done a great job into fitting it as small as that :)

VER1ON2769d ago

Yes it is compressed, just like most of the games nowadays. If recent games weren't compressed they wouldn't fit on 1 blu-ray disc

bars882769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Actually thats not true.

PS4 and Xbox One games when they are digitally downloaded you download the entire uncompressed image.

An image can be compressed while on disc, thats why games require a mandatory install, to install the system require files (engine etc.) to the Hard Disk, engine files, HD imagery and HD Audio are often huge files, directly loaded and uncompressed to the hard disk.

You see constantly compressing and decompressing while playing a game takes a huge toll on your CPU, sometime that is definitly not preferable hence why no image is ever directly played from a compressed state.

VER1ON2769d ago

@bars88 I was indeed talking about games on disc. You're right though.

magiciandude2769d ago

Not too large, but was expecting much more. I am looking forward to this, but on Xbox One. I've played these games on PS3 and this time I went with the Xbox experience.

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