Anyone who's played another of Monolith's creations, Condemned: Criminal Origins for the PC or Xbox 360, knows what it's like to be scared. Both games use similar techniques to frighten players. A few examples include skulking shadowy figures in the distance that disintegrate as you approach, lights flicker and give partial views of unnatural scenes, and there are many instances of shock surprise moments. The storylines have similar elements as well, involving murderous psychic influences that drive your enemies to assault you and others.

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MoonDust6195d ago

The game looks amazing, i want to see the exclusives Valve is making for the 360.

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billybob6195d ago

learn how to spell you retard.

JIN KAZAMA6195d ago

is PS3Lord for real?? Come on dude. Dont give PS3 fans a bad name.

OutLaw6195d ago

But you shouldn't worry I have seen alot of PS3 fans and I have to say you're pretty alright. PS3lord represents himself only. Alot of people who been on this site know this already.

Cyclonus6195d ago

But after seeing so many awesome looking 360 games at E3, this just doesn't look as good to me anymore; gfx are decent, but not outstanding....having said that, ill STILL buy it, cause its kind of like Condemned with a lot more guns!

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