Batman Arkham Knight Limited Edition preorder gets 20 percent discount

Frys has discounted the preorder for Batman Arkham Knight Limited Edition by 20 percent off to just $79.99.

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ShellB2764d ago

Thanks for this. Love saving money.

The_Devil_Hunter2764d ago

Its basically the same as purchasing at Amazon. I mean 9 bucks for "quick" shipping and it still does come on release day. I mean for an extra ten bucks I get it on the same day at Amazon, that is of course if you are a prime member.

I wish there was pick up option for this.

ZombieKiller2764d ago

Waiting on the digital version of this favorite. All my favorite games from last gen (God of War, Metal Gear Solid, Arkham, Mortal Kombat, etc) get the digital treatment because I know I wont trade it in, I dont have to get up to pop the disc in, and it's embedded into the console. Not like I'm saving any room considering the whole game installs anyway.

Just the favorites though!