The Witcher 3 Developers are "Really F****** Proud" Of Doing 16 Free DLC; Give More Info on The Game

During a panel at PAX East, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Senior Game Designer Damien Monnier mentioned that the studio is "Really f****** proud" of being able to release sixteen DLC for the game completely for free. He also gave more info about the game in a Q&A with the audience.

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DarkOcelet2761d ago

All the game companies should seriously look up to CD Projeckt. Thats how dlc should be handled people. We already pay 60$ for a full product. We should expect the full product and anything after that should be free whether its dlc or cosmetics.

ChronoJoe2761d ago

I think that's a bit farfetched personally. I know what I pay for for $60, anything additive is a bonus, but I don't think one should expect it to be free either.

DarkOcelet2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Why not? I mean look at the modders for instance, they can make a game a whole different experience. And they don't ask a dime. Hell i can name dozens of mods that were better than every single story dlc or any dlc that came out.

Resident Evil 5 Nightmare Mod which makes the game really tough and feels like survival horror.

Stalker Alpha Mod is a masterpiece of a mod and they spend five years making it.

Fallout 3 has thousands of mods and some actually add some great quests and so does Skyrim/New Vegas.

Half Life 1 and 2

If modders can do amazing mods and dedicate a great amount of time to it and present it to us free because they just love the game, then why shouldnt the developers do the same?

darren_poolies2761d ago

Maybe because modders don't mod for a living? You can't expect all devs to create DLC and release it for free, that's just ignorant.

UnHoly_One2761d ago

Modders are a couple guys doing something for fun, not a whole office full of people that have salaries that need to be paid.

I'm not saying I support crazy stupid DLC, I just don't except everything to be free.

DragonKnight2761d ago

For people who "don't mod for a living" and are "just doing it for fun" they are far more technically skilled and capable than most of the paid devs today. Makes one wonder why devs doing subpar work are getting the money when modders are making games better in less time and getting nothing for it.

Roccetarius2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

@DragonKnight Too true. Of course not every modder is as skilled as some others, but mostly i wonder how the developers themselves didn't do the job just as well. It's kinda embarassing when a modder is doing the job better than someone paid to specialize in something.

Some other examples are game features missing from games, but being added by modders in mere hours, which is telling as well in today's industry.

ChronoJoe2761d ago

Modders act out of passion to create something they want, within the game. They are not a business that requires to be profitable in order to sustain its existence.

Additionally people usually create these mods in their spare time, and crucially they actually go quite a long way to expanding ones portfolio of work, especially if the mod involves a large production of assets, so many use it to expand there technical skills.

Bottomline, they're produced under different circumstances and the comparison isn't very fair given the differences of these circumstances.

I only see DLC as a problem when it feels like its been pulled from the game, but even then it just harms the game more than it harms me, as I don't tend to buy games that represent poor value for money.

DarkOcelet2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )


So true, Flaffy duck releasing Co-op mod for Resident Evil Revelations 2 is amazing. And extremely embarrassing to Capcom.

magiciandude2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

You're right about the last bit, the absurd DLC practices in games are completely normal nowadays and nobody should expect anything to be free after spending a whopping $60 for a game. The Witcher 3 is an exception, but back then this was the opposite. This is why I now avoid paying $60 for most games. You don't get your money's worth these days.

pixelsword2761d ago

"Really F****** Proud"

Really Feeling Proud? They should be!


@ Chrono:

Why not? They used to be free.

k3rn3ll2760d ago

Why not?
Because the price of games has not changed in decades. It hasn't adjusted for inflation, nor has it adjusted for the increase in production cost. Meaning these companies have to do DLC and such to insure their profit margins. This gives them the ability to invest in new ip that isn't always a safe bet, as opposed to sequel after sequel. If anything the price has gone down. When N64 came out nothing cost less than $60. Some were even $100.

andibandit2760d ago

Modders arent hammered with deadlines and milestones. You'll be amazed at how much a product can be improved when you have time to experiment with the right approach.

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Yi-Long2761d ago

This is how developers should treat their customers and their game, and how DLC should be handled.

I'll be supporting this game and these developers day 1 for full price. Something I pretty much never do anymore with other games/developers due to their greedy DLC-practices, which usually means I'll just wait for it to reach the bargain-bin.

Roccetarius2761d ago

Indeed, games made by gamers for gamers used to support their customers like CDPR is doing. Of course i can see a true expansion being paid for, such as Shivering Isles, but the minor stuff would be a thanks to the consumer.

DanielGearSolid2761d ago

Stop the entitlement already...

UKmilitia2761d ago

imo with the size of witcher 3 and the quality of there games i would happily pay for dlc because i know there already giving me a full game.

Ark_2761d ago

I don't mind to pay for game expansions like they did in "the good old days". Full new stories, characters and settings in the same engine/world.

But I hate to pay for cosmetics or DLC, if it's only a two hour sidequest, a bunch of new weapons or spells or whatever.

For example BF4 Premium is borderline for me. The single DLC is a rip off in my opinion. (4 maps, some weapons ...) But considering you get like 20 new maps and a few new gamemodes with Premium for 30 bucks today, it turned actually into a good offer. (Still don't like, because it divides the community ... but that's another topic.)

ThunderPulse2761d ago

I agree look at Battlefield games full price plus season pass for the full experience.

annoyedgamer2761d ago

That's funny since EA is known to cut content from their games to sell as DLC. And the latest BF game IS DLC...

ZombieKiller2761d ago

I've never played a Witcher game but between the gameplay videos I've seen, and now this attitude from the devs, I am DEFINITELY buying this game. In this day and age, I'd be proud as well. Alot of DLC should be free and we, as gamers who speak with our wallets in the first place, should support this sort of thing too. Games need to be cheaper...

What's to say they kept it behind to entice you with it later just to get you to pay more? The COD maps are always much better looking than the ones shipped on disc (AKA sales strategy)....

Yep that feeling is gone now too. Thanks CD Projekt RED, you guys rock!

MAULxx2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

I agree.
They're not required to make any DLC & release it for free. This is how it used to be handled. Devs would give maps or some content later for those who purchased their game (idk about 16 but you get the idea). It's a thank you & something new to add to the game after it's been released & played. CDP chose to do it like this. They seem to have an old school mindset that everyone seems to have forgotten about & that makes it refreshing. *This is how you reward gamers that bought your game day one at full price. *This is how you build favor & good will with your customers.
I don't know if they should have announced it this early. They should have just surprised everyone with a "here ya go" later. That's another story though.
CDP is showing everyone how it should be done & they will gain possibly life long customers because of it.
It's a stark contrast to those trying to squeeze gamers tits for every last drop of milk on every game release.
Microtransactions & on disc DLC. We need to keep money in our wallets when it comes to some of the BS that going on.

Ark_2760d ago

I think the main problem is, that kids grow up these days and getting totally used to microtransactions and DLC and think it's just the way it is. As you said, it's refreshing by CDP to go down this path, since they are producing a wellknown AAA title.

A good bunch of indies handle their games the same way, but are not recognized as much. Torchlight II and Divinity: Original sin for example give full mod-support and developertools from the beginning and had very fair prices for their games, considering their quality.

As you said: I support good efforts and high standards (technical and morally) with my wallet, and I try to be as stingy as possible, when it comes to all that bullshit that's going on. Sometimes can't really steer around it, though.

KwietStorm_BLM2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

It's obvious we as gamers have been taken advantage of in more recent years of the industry, but it's a little entitled to say that *every* game released should have *all* extra content free, just because you feel it should be. There ate developers and studios who put a lot of work into extending the life of their games, and these people aren't working for free. I'm not talking about games with content that is being sold the day a game releases or a few weeks after. But compensation is due for people doing their job.

ZombieKiller2760d ago

So you don't think these companies make enough money off of us? You prefer paying more?

Canary2761d ago

CDPR doesn't do DLC.

Calling content patches DLC does them a great disservice. They're not doing anything new or special--all decent PC developers used to act like this back before DLC-whoring became the norm.

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wakeNbake2761d ago

Look out Bethesda theres a new kid on the block.

Locknuts2761d ago

Bethesda are overrated IMO.

KwietStorm_BLM2761d ago

lol Bethesda is not overrated in the least bit

Canary2761d ago

Thinking that Bethesda is not overrated... seems to be rating Bethesda too highly. Or so it seems to me.

gtasmy2761d ago

That's why GTA V is amazing. Forget the beautiful graphics and the great gameplay. GTA V has free DLC.

ifistbrowni2761d ago

referring to heist?

Yeah, free DLC a year and a half after promised. Good job, Rockstar!

ZombieKiller2761d ago

Sorry you like incomplete games ifistbrowni.

@gtasmy -You are absolutely right my friend. Another reason I can't go a week without calling the crew to see who is online. DLC needs to take a turn for the better and games like Witcher and GTA are prime examples of that.

ifistbrowni2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

@zombie, I like incomplete games because i point out that heist are long over due? What?

ZombieKiller2761d ago

Yeah they took a bit longer to complete and you keep bitching. So yes, sorry you like incomplete games and used 2 of your whopping 3 bubbles to figure it out.

Do you have any clue WHY they were delayed?

ifistbrowni2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

@zombie, Rockstar doesn't belong in the same classification as CD Projekt. Especially if we're using GTA as an example.

Thats the end of the story.

The amount of times they nerfed RP and Payouts is too many to count. Why nerf payouts? Why? For real, give me one legitimate reason why payouts should be nerfed to the extreme they are now in GTA: Online...

The only reason behind the nerfing of payouts is to keep people away from what they really want. Whether it be a new car, nice apartment, tank, helicopter, boat, etc. Make it an excruciating grind to earn these things legit but leave the "real money" option open so Rockstar/2k can cash in.

I find it absolutely sad that people are going to compare Rockstar to a developer who is promising 16 Free DLCs before their game even launches. You don't see any mention of additional paid content for The Witcher 3

Meanwhile, Rockstar promised a few things Pre-launch for GTA 5. One of which were heist. It took Rockstar about 2 weeks after launch to even get GTA: Online accessible (it wasn't available to any one at launch), and a year and a half after launch to get heist.

CD Projekt > Rockstar.

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DarthSocio2761d ago

Not the important story DLC though

HammadTheBeast2761d ago

I'd say there's a big difference between DLC and expansions. If they're going for Ballad of Gay Tony or Lost and the Damned type expansions, that's completely fine to charge money for. But DLC being free is fine.

ChronoJoe2760d ago

GTAV also offers an integrated free to pay model in a game you've already paid $60 for. It's easy to see why they add 'free DLC' when they want to keep consumers engaged, so they can keep selling in game $ for real $.

With that's said, I don't despise these systems. GTAV works, and other people buying their cash on the store doesn't seem to have that much an affect on the experiences of other players.

ArchangelMike2761d ago

I love the idea of customisabe UI. I don;t know why dev don;t implement this feature more odten. That and customisable controller options. But yeah, I hope CDPR do bring that last two games to next-gen consoles they're excellent.

Ark_2761d ago

Gotta love CD Project. Free DLC. No DRM. Good games. Paragon of developer virtues.

Roccetarius2761d ago

No DRM is why i picked up a physical copy as well, not to mention GOG doesn't punish you if the server goes down, because you can save games on an external and install at any time.

DedicatedDark2760d ago

I don't understand how someone disagreed to that post.

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