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DarkOcelet1853d ago

The game looks very beautiful.

jmd7491853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

I'm so much more freaking excited now I can't contain it. :)
Every new bit of footage released just gets me all the more excited.
Come on!!!
I've booked and rebooked holidays from work for this game, let's hope they don't delay it again...

vishmarx1853d ago

that wywern fight was so f****** amazing.the wind was even better
was too busy enjoying the video to notice alleged downgrades
god damn. this year is gonna be so awesome

DarkOcelet1853d ago

Battlefront 3
Just Cause 3
Mad Max
The Witcher 3
Arkham Knight
Persona V
The Tomorrow Children
Uncharted 4
No Man's Sky
Life Is Strange full season
Until Dawn
Every Gone to the Rapture

Too many amazing games will be released this year.

starchild1853d ago


That's because there hasn't been any downgrade. It looks better and more polished than any gameplay we've ever seen from the game.

There isn't a single other open world game that looks this good. The amount of detail in the environments and the quality of the lighting is simply stunning. Not only that, but it has amazing dynamic foliage--and not just a few trees, but all the grass and shrubs as well--which we've never seen before on this scale. The game also uses a physically based rendering system that results in outstanding looking materials and light interaction. The dynamic hair and cloth is also impressive.

bubblebobble1852d ago

pc virgins are dying for this one to come out so that they can say 4x more expensive pc finely has a better looking game than ps4 exclusives

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Mega241853d ago

I'm not liking the hud though, think Witcher 2 had a better hud. This one looks just low quality, hope it improves.

HammadTheBeast1853d ago

I'm 90% sure they said it would be customizable.

ArchangelMike1852d ago

HUD is completely customizably. Confirmed.

UKmilitia1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

i take it thats pc?
although thats xbox buttons

DarkOcelet1853d ago

Xbox Controller i think.

xTheMercenary_1852d ago

I've heard from multiple people saying that its actually the xbox one version. Not because the buttons but the developer stated it on its youtube page, if this is true it looks quite good and i can only imagine what the pc looks like. Can anyone confirm this

Bigpappy1853d ago

I knew the game was doing to look good, so that is not a big deal for me. I am more interested in what kind of random encounters I will have and can they be difficult enough to stop my progress and make me scared enough to not want to venture that path again. The wilderness should not be a place where you just walk around and enjoy the view. You needed to be prepare and be skilled to survive, or you will perish. I hope the challenge is there but doesn't feel artificial. you should be able to succeed if you manage your equipment and development properly.

ArchangelMike1852d ago

Well, the enemies don't scale to your level, which means at any time you could venture too far into the woods and meet monsters that will hand your ass to you. :)

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wakeNbake1853d ago

My most hyped game of 2015. This will hopefully be the best thing since Skyrim.

Roccetarius1853d ago

Shh, don't mention that too loudly, otherwise people will notice how each Elder Scrolls game has been downgraded over the years.

thricetold1853d ago

Except skyrim only has visuals going for it. GAMEPLAY was/is terrible for all the elder scrolls games.

Looks like witcher3 is showing plenty of the other devs how to do a game right with both great graphics AND great gameplay without all the excuses.

MysticStrummer1852d ago

"GAMEPLAY was/is terrible for all the elder scrolls games."

That's taking it a bit far imo. It is the buggiest successful series for sure and combat feels outdated to say the least, but there are still some very cool things about those games.

MysticStrummer1852d ago

"This will hopefully be the best thing since Skyrim."

Dark Souls owned Skyrim imo.

jhoward5851853d ago

Wither 3 graphics are breathtaking.

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bomajed1853d ago

now this is a game that worth the hype

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The story is too old to be commented.