DRM Gamecast: Episode 29 - I Earned my Gjallarhorn

This week the DRM Gamecast discuss GDC 2015, VR, Shiftlings, Wolfenstein The Old Blood, Phantom Pain, and more!

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PUBG Joins the PS Now Lineup Today

The genre-defining battle royale experience headlines this month's PS Now update, along with Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and Formula 1 2019.

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ilikestuff1551d ago

So I need ps plus to play this ps now game? If so that’s ps bs!!

ilikestuff1551d ago

I was asking, at the end of my first sentence was a question mark

rainslacker1551d ago

No. Games on PSNow do not require a separate PS+ sub if you are playing them through PSNow.

ilikestuff1551d ago

Ok awesome thanks, I got ps now and not plus, I was hoping they weren’t going to do something crappy like that. I’ve always been a PlayStation guy, stuff like this is why. Other companies would make u need plus.

FallenAngel19841551d ago

I don’t like the idea of them adding only 3 new games a month


Wolfenstein: A Dying Colossus?

KeenGamer: ''Wolfenstein is a series that has transcended several generations due to a subject matter that seems more relevant now than at any time in the recent past. However, If you remove the subject matter, you're left with a franchise struggling with bland level design & continually degrading writing. Wolfenstein has survived almost 38 years of change within the industry, but perhaps it's time to for the series to end. Let's look at how it started, how it's changed & why I'm concerned for its future."

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Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Details 14th-20th August 2018

Neil writes - "When you team the Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale with publisher sales from the likes of Team17 and Bethesda, it's pretty hard to find something to top it. Well, that's what we've had the pleasure of reporting over the last few weeks, with bargains galore hitting the lives of Xbox One and Xbox 360 players.

But hey, that's all in the past and the latest sale is now here. But what Xbox discounts can be found in the Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 14th-20th August 2018? There are a ton - How do this lot sound to you?"

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