The Order: 1886 - Deeply disappointing | Amongst Geeks Review

Amongst Geeks: I wanted to like your game, ‘Ready at Dawn Studios’. So why do you have to make life so difficult for me?

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Toiletsteak2770d ago

Seems a little harsh i would give it a 4.5

GMR_PR2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Score seems about right. The game have a nice setting and it looks superb, but the bottom line is, its lacking on the gameplay side. Hopefully they have the chance to work on a second game where they can fix all the negatives surrounding the game.

nicksetzer12770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Yea, idk since when terrible gameplay is defended so blindly. Over half of the game is literal walking or cutscene. The boss fights, that are exactly the same, (not a single difference) literally consist of walking in a circle and pressing the right stick When it pops on screen. The blimp and mansion consist of waliing behind midless drone ai that never hear any noise and press triangle at the exact right time. The gunplay is decent. Any time you miss a button prompt everything starts all over to artificially lengthen the game. Almost every other piece of gameplay is a QTE, in which play out exactly the same.

Idk why people want to support a game like this, and I certainly hope that no devs follow this trend. I like the idea of the game and am wholly excited for a sequel, but that doesn't make this game a 10/10. The scores have been pretty consistent and frankly the more important a reviewer finds gameplay to be, the lower the scores are.

The only reason I bought/played the game AND completed it is because the setting and story really interest me. Sadly, even the story is no gem. They give very little background to any of the characters and expect you to care about them. Not to mention there is almost no explanation to any major parts of the story.

How did the order get the holy grail? How did the lycans become enemies of the order? How did the vampires become friends of the lycans? Who is "the company" and what is their role with the order, other than sending vampires to US? How does one become a knight? Why did isabell (who was saved by galahad) not even ask for an explanation? Why didn't galahad try to defend himself in court? Etc, etc, etc.

Cindy-rella2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

The order 1886 is such an amazing game that its the most talked about game in 2015 so far amongst gamers. This game brings out such vitriol from fanatics because this game is not for their favourite platform. On xbox one most fanatics are talking about dx12 and cloud gaming because they wished the Xbox one was as powerful or more powerful than the ps4 but its weaker. Pc fanatics often talk about how weak the new consoles are but we have the order 1886 which is the best looking game graphically on any gaming system now. Some pc fantastics will talk about how their rigs are like 20 times more powerful than a ps4 but it doesnt have anything that looks better than the order 1886. I am a pc gamer myself but not a fanatic like some. I have my rigs photo in my profile.

Games come and go but a lot of gamers who arent into certain genres or games normally just ignore them or just accept that something just isnt for them . When i hear about madden football i normally tune that out or just avoid it because im not into american football. Even if im into a certain genre of games but there is a title that im not into i just dont play it but accept that others might be into it. I dont like cod but its what it is and i can accept that its a twitch shooter im not into playing.

The order 1886 is a title where most fanatics are game critics. What was once acceptable for many in a number of games arent acceptable in the order 1886. Most wants the order 1886 to be another title instead of being exactly as the developers intended. The game is a cinematic tps with only campaign play. The game is what it is without glitches or issues that makes the game broken than what the developers intended. Its either you like it or you dont but most of the vocal majority wants the game to be something else.

A lot of people gave lower scores because the game didnt have enough content in their view to just full gaming price. Thats just silly. Some people need to understand that not every game is for them and they arent being forced to buy any game. All the chatter about this game positive or negative have made it actually a success. Most hate for this game are from fantastics of other gaming system because their system of choice haven't anything on the level or production value of the order 1886. Amazing technology all around for this game and most just want to make the game look worse than it is but cant. Ask these fanatics about a game on their favourite platform that is in the same league as the order 1886 and they cant answer or theyll say something silly. Truth is, there isnt any game on Xbox one or pc that can be compared to the order 1886 when talking about game technological advancements. Things that can be quantified. Graphics, animation, physics, voice acting, and other gaming tech into one game product.

nicksetzer12770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

@cinderella it is funny how you ignore what the reviewers says and just create your own propoganda train. You harp on two issues as if they are the main issues, when in reality most reviewers had no issue with length or linearity at all. In fact, IGN went as far as to post a few articles that length IS not an issue and they prefer short games. Yet they reviewed at a 6.5/10, not because of length, but because of gameplay.

Most reviewers across the board agree that
-there is too much walking
-too many QTE's and too many cutscenes.
-The game doesn't pace well
-you can completely predict when something is about to happen as your gun come out.
-The story is nothing amazing.
-The black bars obscure your view in cover.
-the boss fights are exactly the same and consistent of following on screen prompts.
-the stealth consists of walking up behind mostly stagnant ai and pressing triangle.
-the enemy variation is non existent.

And the list goes on. We get it, you liked the game, and that is fine. That doesn't mean the game is pefect just because you can overlook those things. People also like other low scoring games. The difference is they don't have to pretend reviewers are part of some conspiracy to destroy the game. They just accept the flaws.

Also, a game recieving publicity is far from a game being a good game. In fact, that is most likely the most moronic conclusion I have ever seen anyone come to.

nix2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

nick.. i liked the game.


critics loved GTAIV and gave it 10/10. i thought that game was a pile of shite.

and nick, all those questions you have in the story will have an answer in the coming follow up.

and thank you for buying the game.

Eddie201012770d ago

No hit for this.

The games is much better than what people give it just to get hits.

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700p2770d ago Show
Inzo2770d ago

Maybe you should play the game.

otherZinc2770d ago

Great article, but a little high for that score. My score is 1 or 2/10.

Inzo2768d ago

Your comment history speaks for it self, next time you troll try not to be so blatent, it could save you from losing bubbles..........oh, wait.

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wakeNbake2770d ago

People can naysay all they want, but a simple pvp or coop mode would have doubled both the sales and review scores of this game.

ninsigma2770d ago

Is that why titanfall got a pass?? Because of it's multiple modes??
no?? Didn't think so.

SuperLupe2770d ago

TitanFall was frantic and fantastic and had more than 3.5 hours of gameplay. One of the best FPS's of 2014.

As for The Order... well.

I didn't see people defending Ryse this much. These Sony people sure are a faithful and dedicated bunch, no matter what Sony feed them.

_LarZen_2770d ago

Can't take anyone serious that scores it that low. But then again. Reviewers are "dead".

bnoyes2770d ago

Why? Based on the lack of content, the incomplete story, and the lazy game design and level design, any critic who values gameplay over production values can absolutely justify this kind of score for The Order. The only thing the game has going for it is the utterly superficial elements. That's cool if that's what matters to you, but I'm glad that most critics are judging this game based on what matters most--gameplay and design.

moegooner882770d ago

What incomplete story ? The story concludes fine.

_LarZen_2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

I'm not just thinking about The Order|1886 but games in general. So many games is getting either to high scores for being nothing but mediocre bro shooter to games like The Order|1886 who is a game like Heavy Rain,Beyond:Two Souls and some Telltale games. But are being reviewed as it was a Gears of War 3rd person shooter. Even tho all information about the game from day 1 have been saying it was a cinematic QTE game.

Just as movie reviews are just not representing the average movie consumer anymore. Have game reviewers become just as obsolete.

Now is the time for watching people play the games. To ask them about the game and to talk to like minded gamers.

Rest in peace dear reviewers. Long live the gamers!

Mr Lahey2770d ago

Agreed! Two of my favorite games this generation is Dying Light and Alien Isolation. Both got average reviews from most reviewers.. Metacritic is a joke..

Pozzle2770d ago

Alien Isolation was my favorite game of last year, but I understand why it got average reviews. It was very long and repetitive so I can see how people would be put-off by that. I didn't mind it though. I enjoyed the atmosphere and found it to be a genuinely scary game.

MasterOfThe12Blades2770d ago

To me the game is an 8. I mean it's short and the stealth when infiltrating the united india company is really uninspired but overall I had a fun time. I think the gunfights were very satisfying and I really hope this game gets a sequel.

OmegaShen2770d ago

I enjoy it-
Unlike most games that come out, this is playable.

Summons752770d ago

I see the hate train came back around.... Funny how all these "reviewers" are giving it 4s and 5s but general consensus from streams and lets plays is the game is really fun, flawed but fun. I highly enjoyed it and can see it as a great foundation for a truly outstanding sequel.

ic3fir32770d ago

holy ignorance, the streamers are usually paid or get the games to make positive publicity.
And the game is not anything special, fanboys have to accept that.

SamPao2770d ago

You should talk about yourself when making a statement like that.
For some people other things are very special. To you I think it's the same.
It makes you look very ignorant to say something like that. Just saying

moegooner882770d ago

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

QuickdrawMcgraw2770d ago

Just saying....come on my granddad says that...

hardcorehippiez2770d ago

so youre telling me that the people streaming from there ps4 over twitch is getting paid for it. wow how can i get in on that action ? dumb , people are marking this down for what it isnt ..... simple but if theyd have paid attention they would have known it was a cinematic game like heavy rain , beyond 2 souls only with third person shooting sections and stealth added to it. good game for what it was and im looking forward to playing the sequels to see how the story pans out. my rating 7.5

Summons752770d ago

You are correct, the game isn't a 10/10. It's NOT perfect and NOBODY is saying it is. We are just wanting a little respect from these so called "professionals" who are trashing this game for literally no reason. YES the game is short, it's a story focused game there have been dozens of other story focused short games and nobody has complained. YES there are flaws in the game, but again it's RAD it's attempt at a console game and they did a really good job you can see the ideas they had and see what can be improved for a sequel and on top of all that the game came out WORKING unlike half the major AAA games last year which most are still broken and got 10/10s. This game isn't anything below a 6.5 at minimum, it's a great starting point for a new IP and can be an even better IP in the future. This is what fans who HAVE played the game have been saying. Calling people ignorant and a fanboy because they choose to buy they game and they liked the game is very fanboyish in and of itself.

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SilentNegotiator2770d ago

It's just 3 reviews in a row from nobody sites submitted by the same person, approved by some of the same people each time.

Nothing suspicious here.... /s

maniacmayhem2770d ago

Would you rather these sites be submitted by different people and approved by different people for there to be no conspiracy against this game.

Would that make these scores any better?

SilentNegotiator2770d ago

It would make it less of a desperate fanboy ploy.

InTheLab2770d ago

What let's plays are you watching? Hate train? Be honest foe a second. If this were a mutiplatform release, would you or any that defend a game with 2 carbon copy qte boss fights and hours of walking and unskipable cut a 6 hour game with no replay value.....for $60?

Cannot wait for Bloodborne so Sony fans can Come back to their senses and support a game that looks and more importantly, PLAYS good.

bnoyes2770d ago

Agreed. Bloodborne looks to represent everything that I love about gaming, whereas The Order represents everything that I hate about gaming, particularly shallow, all-style/no-substance AAA game development.

moegooner882770d ago

6 hours, really. Game took me 10 and half hrs to finish, and game has plenty of exploration. Your comments show that you have no clue about the game.

InTheLab2770d ago

Yeah and all the diehards say 10 hours.... I don't believe you.

maniacmayhem2770d ago

I keep reading from people that reviewers are, biased and other conspiracies when The Order is concerned. Funny that I was marked for trolling for saying the same in another article.

I guess those accusations are only reserved for this particular game and group.

Wouldn't the general consensus be that the game is not that good. That is what I keep hearing from people and reading from actual reviews.

The only thing this game accomplished was setting up a sequel. They left a lot open, way too much, so much that the story felt incomplete and almost rushed. I agree with InTheLab, any other game that had the same gameplay design, weak boss fights, horrible stealth gameplay would have been equally ripped to shreds by reviews and by people on this site.

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