Batman Arkham Knight Exclusive German Preorder DLC

This listing from GameStop Germany reveals two interesting details.

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DarkOcelet2388d ago

"This prototype Batmobile has a unique design of its own, and along with it, some very unique gameplay features."

Now i hate when BS like that are cut out and sold as day one dlc. This should be in the damn game.

itsjustexuma2387d ago

Its going to appear on the Season Pass

ZeroChaos2387d ago

You do realise they have done this before right and in a worst way, aka the Catwoman DLC?!?

Dan502387d ago

Was this censored in Germany?

jhoward5852387d ago

I wonder what the prototype Batmobile look like. I bet it looks bad A**.

RoaringTiger45432387d ago

Bet this will come to US soon