Top Ten Franchise Soundtracks

Game Trailers:
Not the best song, or album, but the best music overall – ranked. We had to let some favorites go but we eventually composed a list of the best contributions to video game music since the art form began.

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DarkOcelet2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Castlevania Lords Of Shadows 2 may have had its missteps but the ost was a masterpiece. It should have been recognized in the video.

And where is...

Silent Hill
Kingdom Hearts
Gears Of War
God Of war
Syphon Filter
Shadow Of The Colossus/Ico since they are both in the same franchise in a sense
Mass Effect
The list is missing many beauties.
Also i want to point out single games with masterpiece ost.

The Last Of Us
Deadly Premonition
Rule Of Rose
The Order 1886

Spurg2769d ago

lool...this is more like best soundtrack from nintendo games.
Halo is a series right....where is it??? how does Halo not make the list???

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