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If you already like A Song of Ice and Fire and/or Game of Thrones, this is a no-contest purchase. It has the elements that make the books and show so popular, and so critically acclaimed. If you are new to the series, we strongly recommend watching up to season 3 of the show, or reading up to A Storm of Swords before playing.

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Alexious2760d ago

Can't wait for the remaining episodes.

Justjoined1232759d ago

As a huge GoT and Telltale fan im actually a bit disappointed with this game so far, with uninteresting main characters and so far uneventful episodes it fails to keep me entertained or wanting for more.

I think they really nailed Tales from the Borderlands though, too bad its lagging behind on the episodes..

Jimboms2759d ago

Yea this does look pretty sweet.