Do multiplatform games review higher on PS4?

Numerous multiplatform games have a higher resolution on PS4 (full HD 1080p) than Xbox One (720-900p). While the difference cannot be disputed, whether or not this inequality matters is a source of contention and controversy. The contention is so widespread that it has been named resolution-gate. Some will strongly argue that the difference in resolution is negligible, others disagree fervidly. Regardless, resolution-gate has led to the common belief that multiplatform games are better on PS4 than Xbox One.

If this is the case, then multiplatform games should receive higher review scores on PS4. To test this hypothesis metacritic scores for all 97 multiplatform games were collected and analysed.

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DarkOcelet3330d ago

I believe it depends more on the performance of the game. For instance FFXIII performed better on PS3 than on X360 therefore it got better reviews.

Jason_Plays_PC3330d ago

If you look at metacritic sometimes a ps4 multiplat may review lower on ps4 due to having around 25 more critic reviews on the same game. And then you may see a higher PC score of the multiplat from having even lower amount of critic reviews.

DarkOcelet3330d ago

Yes, and that too. Not all reviewers that reviewed the product on a certain platform even bother in reviewing it on another.

StanLee3330d ago

Exactly. The only way to determine if one scores higher than the other is if the same reviewer reviewed both and score one higher than the other. The article is misleading.

Foehammer3330d ago

There is a questionable assumption in this comparison.

That being the perception of single platform reviewers.

Specifically, a PS4 reviewer could be more critical of a 3rd per adventure game as he is accustomed to highly rated games like TLOU or UC. This could lead to a lower reviewed score for a multiplatform 3rd person adventure game, based on his perspective.

Similarly, the highest rated racing games this gen (FH2, Forza 5), and FPS (TitanFall), set the bar higher for an X1 reviewer when looking at multiplatform racers and FPS. This could lead to lower scores, from him, for Racers and FPS, just dude to his experience and perspective.

Similarly, a disappointing AAA exclusive could lead to higher rated reviews of similar genre multiplatform games.

DarkOcelet3330d ago

Well, that's one way of looking at it.

But i don't think their experiences and perspectives of other games should interfere with his review.

A reviewer should review his product with the experience he had with it.

Rimeskeem3330d ago

A game should never be scored based off another game unless us a sequel or prequel. The game review should be based off of the game itself.

Hellsvacancy3330d ago

0.71, wow, that was really worth reading

Fro_xoxo3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

How low must one stoop to justify a system?

by your logic, points should be dropped on PS4 since it's not as capable as a gaming laptop. Heck, that is where a difference actually lies. That PC > Console difference.

Look how hard you try to find advantages between consoles.

Writing an article based on .71 difference in ratings lol

. . I thought reviews didn't matter anymore?

GribbleGrunger3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

They should, yes, but they don't. For some reason lots of sites now just have a generic review for both consoles and don't actually mention the performance differences. Lots of things have changed from last generation and I sit here scratching my head trying to understand what's different ...

DarkOcelet3330d ago

It seems for some reason. The reviewers thought that resolution doesn't matter anymore this gen.

I honestly never thought that this should be a debate last gen but its weird that once the PS4 has an edge, they suddenly decided to stop that debate lol.

Fro_xoxo3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

Last-gen, There were many sub-HD (below 720p) games on PS3. More than on X360. PS3 was also touted as 'more powerful' then too, 'cause cell processor. ^_^.

There aren't any sub-HD games on the current-gen. Games are all HD (720p and up).

We already have Eurogamer doing tech analysis for MICROSCOPIC differences. That you and I would never be able to tell without them. .

fanboys just wanna be able to thump their chests over something, anything.

If the differences were significant enough, they would be reported. E.g. game breaking bug, crashes etc. . Those are worth deducting points for.


It didn't stop me from enjoying my PS3 too. That's all I had last-gen.

DarkOcelet3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

But this never affect the fun when i play a game. Hell, i used to play PC games on 800x600 in the past lol and had tons of fun.

Roccetarius3330d ago

The difference being that you played 800x600 games in the past and we're in the future now. Review scores don't all depend on graphics to review well, but actually having game mechanics and such to compliment it.

If we stuck to 800x600, what would be the point in upgrading hardware?

qwerty6763330d ago

the example he uses is ridiculous.

.71 lol really?

although while games are performing better on ps4 most multiplat games continue to look pretty much the same, so the differences shouldnt really matter.

early on there was but now that devs are getting used to the hardware and all the xb1 sdk updates, all multiplat game will look identical with only minuscule differences.

firelogic3330d ago

So while the XB1 SDK keeps updating to perform better, the PS4 SDK will remain stagnant? And while devs are getting used to the XB1 hardware, those same devs are already at 100% familiarity with the PS4 hardware?

The gap will never close unless devs get lazy and cater to the LCD.