Should Games Allow Us To Skip Violent Or Disturbing Content?

Clipping Error discuss whether or not games should have to give players the opition to avoid their violent or disturbing content. They make the argument that if you took a piece of art and judged it by a small part of it with a blemish, then your opinion would be warped.

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DarkOcelet2770d ago

Then why the hell are they rated 'M' from the first place?

VenomUK2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

The best way to allow consumers to skip violent or disturbing content is for publishers and retailers to make it crystal clear on packaging and sales displays as to what type of content is contained in the game. In this way the consumer can make a choice to not buy it.

DarkOcelet2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

They do btw.

Alcohol Reference
Animated Blood
Blood and Gore
Cartoon Violence
Comic Mischief
Crude Humor
Drug Reference
Fantasy Violence
Intense Violence
Mature Humor
Partial Nudity
Real Gambling
Sexual Content
Sexual Themes
Sexual Violence
Simulated Gambling
Strong Language
Strong Lyrics
Strong Sexual Content
Suggestive Themes
Tobacco Reference
Use of Alcohol
Use of Drugs
Use of Tobacco
Violent References

If a person has a problem with any of those then they avoid that game.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2770d ago

Everything you need to know about any game's rating can be found online. Complaining about the content after buying it these days is like eating shellfish knowing that you're allergic to shellfish.

jambola2769d ago

I think they mean specifically violent/disturbing content, eg, the airport in modern warfare 2

UKmilitia2770d ago

i would like a censor for language,i dont mind the odd swear word but constant f this and f you annoys me.
im 33

SilentNegotiator2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

If it's something comedic, I sometimes find censored swear words funnier in some instances. I guess it's just because dialing down the crudeness fits the overall tone better.

As for overused words, it doesn't matter what they are, they annoy me. Like, if I'm really going to hear f-ity f (just being careful...was once suspended over using asterisks lol) used more than once in a game, my eyes will be rolling.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2770d ago

so people that can't play that content know that they can't play those games. when you give them an option to disable it, they can play those games too

Hellsvacancy2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

It depends, my daughter plays Fat Princess a lot, she's only 7 so for obvious reasons I turn violence/gore off, but when I played it I had it all turned on

Summons752770d ago

I don't remember violence or gore in Fat Princess...

ChronoJoe2770d ago

It has blood and a gib system. Quite violent, but for the most part I would not imagine it matters, Fat Princess' artstyle and perspective leave the game very, very detached from reality.

Baka-akaB2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

You can remove or color blood all you want , but if a game is truly violent and feature content dubious for kids , it's the parent's job to filter it ultimately , not the option menu

MasterCornholio2770d ago

As long as its optional I have no issues with that.

Summons752770d ago

No, if you don't like the content in a game then buy something else. If you are worried about what your children see (which is understandable), be a responsible parent and monitor what your children play and know the rating system. If you are one of those people that cause over reactions to things in a fictional game that are optional to do, then go somewhere else.

Now not everything needs heavy heavy violence or gore in it but for the games that do use it, most of the time, use it for the sake of the content and the story though there are devs who will do disgusting things for the sake of controversy (Modern Warfare 2 *cough cough*). We have a rating system for a reason. Children should NOT be playing Call of Duty or GTA and it's up to the parents to monitor them. There are plenty of games for everyone, don't limit the experience because of a few who will complain about something they only bring upon themselves.

TheFirstClassic2770d ago

"don't limit the experience because of a few who will complain about something they only bring upon themselves."

It doesn't affect the experience who don't want it censored, only the people who want it censored will choose to skip it. What's wrong with that?

Summons752770d ago

Again, if you DON'T want it there are plenty of other games out their. It's messing up the creators vision, their art, their work and that's not fair to them to have to change it and do twice as much work just so a couple people who don't even want to play can be happy. How is that fair to anyone ? Don't like it don't play. You don't see people demanding rappers learn to sing, stop stealing music, and get more content in their work that is appropriate that doesn't involve beating women, taking drugs, and dropping out of see people not listening to it. You don't see people complain 50 Shades of Grey to improve it's awful writing and changing the rating to NC-17 for it's near pornographic scenes, nope you see moms going to watch that dread and dads taking the kids to age appropriate movies. Everything has the whiners and complainers but generally if parents don't like or want their kids watching it or themselves they take the action themselves to avoid it.

If literally ever other medium doesn't have to get censored because parents keep in check of what their kids are watching/listening then why not video games too?

mydyingparadiselost2770d ago

I remember when Mortal Kombat had just come out and I showed it to my parents, they wouldn't let me play it after seeing some of the finishing moves and the gore. I would go to the arcade and watch from a distance when I could, read the articles (the June 1993 issue of EGM is what I used to convince them I could play the Snes version of MK) and only got to really play the game when it was on released on consoles. I never did tell them about the Genesis blood code though ;)

Anyway, my point is that I would have missed out on the beginnings of what has become a hugely successful franchise spanning decades without the censored versions of the game. Fortunately today it doesn't need to be a censored or an uncensored version, they could be in the same game and turned on or off using a password. Not all games are going to be a good fit for it of course (The Bioshock and Dead Space games come to mind) but if it's something that can be done in a relatively simple way without breaking the game then giving the option is only going to increase the amount of people that you can reach. It gives kids with stricter parents, the more sensitive types and people that just don't like tons of gore or whatever in games ways to enjoy more of the latest and greatest from the industry without ruining the game for anyone.

Honestly, I think the biggest hurdles would be making sure the censorship is done tastefully without taking much from the experience, the decision to censor being up to the devs and only the devs, and that censoring the game doesn't take anything away from the uncensored game. As long as any censored version of a game takes nothing away from the uncensored version then there are only benefits to this for the industry and players.

jambola2769d ago

Twice as much work? you really think having an option to skip certain parts of a game would be twice as much work?
also with rappers and 50 shades of grey, you can skip certain....raps if you don't want to listen, and you can skip scenes in 50 shades of grey if you want to see everything but the sex,
and lastly, nobody is saying censor anything, what part of "allow us to skip" don't you understand?.
allow, as in give the option to.

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