PS4 beta firmware 2.50 brings external HDD support

New rumors have surfaced from twitter user isaparrot about a few other features in the 2.50 update, which are worth mentioning. One of them being External HDD support.

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Nitrowolf23283d ago

Not sure how it'll work as in judging from the screen it's just backing them up, not actually being able to run them.

Still a welcome feature since if our ps4 is wiped we don't have to redownload all the games and eat our internet

GribbleGrunger3283d ago

Yeah, I think it's just to back data up. Still welcome though.

HammadTheBeast3283d ago

Very welcome, I spent the last couple days reinitializing my PS4, and it took years to download everything back.

MasterCornholio3283d ago

Especially for people who have bandwidth caps. It's a nice feature.

christian hour3283d ago

I didnt even think bandwidth caps were still a thing in this day and age until I was talking to a friend who mentioned his ISP limited them to 30gb a month and cahrged a euro for every gig they go over after that.

Ridiculous, bandwidth limits do not make sense in an age where every device is wifi enabled and people are buying their entertainment digitally more and more often, not to mention streaming services, free to play games and demos.

Eonjay3283d ago

Yeah I think you are right as this feature was teased before. This would be great especially for PS+ members.

mikeslemonade3283d ago

My PS4 usb ports still don't work!

Skizelli3283d ago

@christian hour

Comcast has a 250GB/mo cap last I checked. While 250GB/mo is plenty for most, it's still a ridiculous restriction in this digital age we live in.

Muzikguy3283d ago

AT&T also has 250GB data cap. It's crazy how fast that can disappear. I'm glad Charter doesn't have one

Saijahn3282d ago

@Skizelli, comcast suspended their data cap. I've been with them maybe 2 years now and there's no data cap anymore.

DEC I used 293 GB
JAN - 214
FEB - 380

lol, this digital age of gaming / tv streaming is ridiculous.

Skizelli3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )


You're correct.

"On May 17, 2012, we announced the suspension of the enforcement of our 250 GB usage allowance and that we would trial and launch new data usage plans. We continue to trial different data usage plans in certain markets. In the trial markets, a monthly data usage plan was implemented where any usage which exceeds the monthly data plan amount is subject to an additional charge. For non-trial markets, we will continue to contact the very small number of excessive users about their usage, which can be indicative of security or related issues."

How did I not hear about this? :\

Edit: It's a good thing, too, because I somehow exceeded 350GB last month. I'm not sure if that's accurate, however. It also says I used less than 1GB in December, which definitely isn't the case.

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christian hour3283d ago

Personally for me this is the best feature of the update (I don't see myself suspend/resuming all that often).

I've bought all my games digitally because I console share with a friend so we get eachothers purchases.

I'm always deleting and re-downloading games (recently I re-downloaded Diablo 3 which was a pain in the neck) so having them there for a quick transfer instead of downloading 30+ gigs on a connection that averages 500k/1mb a sec is greatly welcomed.

rainslacker3283d ago

suspend/resume will be really beneficial with remote play, particularly if your doing something where you may have to stop playing quickly...like say work.:)

At home, I usually just hit the home button and go do whatever it is I have to do then come back when ready.

t-hall7853283d ago

You'll use it more than you think. Trust me. A total stranger yes but trust me anyway lol.

mochachino3283d ago

Back up is all I care about. Makes upgrading the HD much less of an onerous process.

t-hall7853283d ago

Yeah definitely a greag start. Maybe a future update will let you run them. Really hoping microsoft allows the x1 to use internals sooner than later but i know it's highly unlikely

Syntax-Error3282d ago

Should've done it right out the box like Xbox One, but if it's implemented well I am all for it. I ran out of storage after 6 games, so I am excited if it works well. I have a 4TB external on my XB1 and I D/L games now instead of shopping at GameStop. I enjoy direct access better than hauling or searching through discs.

Gamer19823282d ago

This is going to save Sony millions in bandwidth and something they should have done years ago because of that. Every time you download a game it costs Sony a tiny bit in bandwidth. This way you save having to re-download and they don't have to give you the game again just the updates.
I prefer this option to playing off an external HDD for PS4 as I got a large HDD inside and only need a few installed at once as you do get bored. Xbox works better with being able to play off the external thanks to a locked down HDD.

nitus103282d ago


Maybe in the USA and then you pay for it since the service is not free. Most countries do have limits which are usually calculated as the sum of your downloads and uploads. It is possible to get unlimited but then you find that your bandwidth is limited.

In Australia I have a 120GB monthly limit (broadband and up-to 8 MB/sec) although there is no charge for steaming movies from my carrier service. For Australia this is not that bad and we are supposed to get a fibre roll-out which would be at the least an order of magnitude better although I am not holding my breath and I have no idea how much extra that is going to cost.

While I don't have a PS4 yet although I do have a PS3 I would rarely get a digital download especially one that is in the order of 10GB and up. For me I will stick to media which usually drops in price (even new) much more quickly than the equivalent digital download game.

I would probably consider digital downloads if someone would actually pay for my internet service and no! I am not going to hold my breath waiting for that to happen :-)

adis4gr3282d ago

interesting to see how things out of Europe works for downloading

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Majin-vegeta3283d ago

Pls Pls be true.This is all I care for.Since I'm out of space on my PS4 already >_<

badz1493282d ago

that's what you get for not upgrading early. I swapped a 1TB right after I bought mine because I knew all games are gonna be installed.

Gamer19823282d ago

out of space?? Delete those shared videos then.

Aloy-Boyfriend3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Wow This next update is going to be really awesome.

Sony an take all the time the want to release updates for all I care as long as the updates come packed with many useful and great features.

keep it up!

JMaine5183283d ago

Nice that we can back thm up but I wonder if we can play them from this external hard drive

Brooklynbully1233283d ago

Now this is what iam talking about, no one cares about switching x and o button around

pwnsause_returns3283d ago

It's a welcome feature though..

I still remembered the days when mgs1 and 2 used the circle button to confirm.

TyBREAKR3283d ago

I went back and played that, it took me a while to get out of the menu because of it.

kingPoS3283d ago

I'm sure many importers care. Believe it or not, some people would really like to swap X for O and O for X. Heck, with these kind of options, you can even customize a button layout for games with few control settings in-game. The only thing that would make it better were if it had six presets to start with.

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