From a Kingdom Hearts Fanatic: Thank You Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy sadly passed away last weekend, and so A Pixelated View takes a look at his greatest video game role, and how it reinvigorated Kingdom Hearts.

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Jimboms3326d ago

I love this article, great tirbute to the great man. I also now need to get my hands on eveyr game he's in.

miyamoto3326d ago

He did a great villain role on KH:BBS.

Beetey3326d ago

Ummm... Why would someone disagree with this comment?

funeralflames3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

They hired the right guy, Master Xehanort was made even better by Spock himself. It's rather hard for me to realize he's gone.

blackblades3326d ago

Didn't know he voiced him, well now I know. RIP

DefenderOfDoom23326d ago

And thanks for the wonderful rendition of the Bilbo Baggins song from the Hobbit Trilogy sung by Leonard Nimoy back in the late 60's . RI P.

autobotdan1129d ago

Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword lol

BrainSyphoned1129d ago

My kid yesterday proclaimed he liked the DS more than the Switch because the controls work on the go. Then I asked if he would rather have Monster Hunter Stories 2 on Steam or Switch and he chose Steam. So proud!

jamesclark19911128d ago

Where the FUCK is Majoras Mask? 🙄

BlackDoomAx1128d ago

What about some Switch exclusive ?


The History of Kingdom Hearts Part 1: How A Disney Miracle Turned Into A Classic Franchise

Kingdom Hearts is a monolithic franchise that needs little introduction. But the beloved franchise almost never was, being developed as a gamble that two ideas could merge into something great.

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RPGer1145d ago

Kingdom Hearts had these potentials with really deep atmospheres, then KH2 happened with the overwhelming weird informations and different people with tbe same enitity thing. It became overcomplicated series and never explaining anything in one release. Overall it is weirdly structured. Moreover, it is advetised to have Final Fantasy and Disney with original characters. Now it is all about versions of Sora/his friends and on other hand the versions of Xenoheart/his XIII thing.

Viking_mo1145d ago

Kingdom hearts 3 dlc complicated things even further

RPGer1145d ago

Literally didn't even care to buy it, 3 was a bug filler as a whole and the dlc is overpriced.

Inverno1145d ago

KH2 is a huge improvement over the first. With that said now that I think on it more it completely lost the charm that the original established. The mix of Disney and FF could work, there's a balance that can be found to give it it's own identity, but they went full stupid.
There's something so good, just really good, about seeing the Disney villains sitting at a round table plotting evil things together. I think that the balance was found in the original and they just threw it out the window with CoM and then ran it over with KH2.


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