From a Kingdom Hearts Fanatic: Thank You Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy sadly passed away last weekend, and so A Pixelated View takes a look at his greatest video game role, and how it reinvigorated Kingdom Hearts.

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Jimboms2763d ago

I love this article, great tirbute to the great man. I also now need to get my hands on eveyr game he's in.

miyamoto2763d ago

He did a great villain role on KH:BBS.

Beetey2763d ago

Ummm... Why would someone disagree with this comment?

funeralflames2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

They hired the right guy, Master Xehanort was made even better by Spock himself. It's rather hard for me to realize he's gone.

blackblades2763d ago

Didn't know he voiced him, well now I know. RIP

DefenderOfDoom22763d ago

And thanks for the wonderful rendition of the Bilbo Baggins song from the Hobbit Trilogy sung by Leonard Nimoy back in the late 60's . RI P.