Dragon Ball Xenoverse – How to Access Online PQs and Battles without Server Disconnection Guide

Getting disconnected every time you complete any PQ and battle fight? It is because of server issue, because in Single Player mode, Toki Toki city requests information from the game servers to populate the city with other player's Time Patroller characters.

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OmegaShen3279d ago

Turn off internet, login to game and once in. Just turn the internet back on and there you go.


Fantasy Developer: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3

We still don't know if Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 is a thing, but if it is, here is what Josh hopes to see in the new game.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse breakdown (light spoilers)

Why Dragon Ball Xenoverse is a big deal and whether it lives up to the hype. A few light, early-game spoilers.

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10 Games That Nailed it With Their Character Creation Systems

Many video games feature a character creation system, but which ones are the best? We will try to narrow down the ten best character creation systems currently available.

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opinionated2184d ago

APB had a pretty sweet character creator and that’s not mentioned. I agree with xenoverse and dragon’s dogma. The Bethesda games kinda suck in this regard imo.

aarogree2184d ago

Only so much room in a ten entry list.

Uglyday2184d ago

Forza’s layering system is the best character creator out there. Everytime I go to place tattoos on some elf’s face I think about how much better Forza could do it.